MTG Murders at Karlov Manor ARG has players convinced misprints are clues

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MTG Karlov Manor clue cast

MTG fans are a cunning lot, and the buzz around Murders at Karlov Manor’s mysteries has many searching for clues that may or may not exist.

MTG’s Murders at Karlov Manor features sleuths working to uncover a deadly series of crimes. But it isn’t just the characters in this set doing detectives’ legwork.

Thanks to an accompanying ARG, MTG fans are combing through this set for clues. It’s gotten to the point that the fanbase is so hyper-alert for answers, that certain mistakes within the set are being taken as cryptic clues, as well as the other way around.

Murders at Karlov Manor lands obscure the truth

MTG Karlov Manor fountain

The first hint for many MTG players that Murders at Karlov Manor’s mysteries would be much more than surface deep was its borderless lands.

It took less than a day from the lands being spoiled for eagle-eyed players to notice that they formed a pattern. This code – sending players on an equation-solving, card-scanning search – put players in a mindset to examine every single Karlov Manor card for similar secrets.

Are MTG Murders at Karlov Manor dice misprinted?

With the LGS release of this Magic Set, players receiving the customary on-theme oversized D20 were somewhat confused. With numbers missing from some of the dice’s sides, players like Reddit user EraserHeadZzz were quick to wonder whether these products had suffered misprints.

While Wizards of the Coast has run into printing difficulties lately, thankfully the Murders at Karlov Manor dice are intentionally designed this way. In response to EraserHeadZzz’s query, commenters like JangSaverem were quick to point out:

“Problem? This is by design. You’ll find a red tinged puzzle and you’ll need to look through the die to figure it out.”

With this issue quickly solved, MTG fans are using the dice as intended; not for rolling but to discover further clues.

Name change or hidden clue?

MTG Karlov Manor Kylox viashino

One of Murders at Karlov Manor’s most vibrant and memorable new characters is the Viashino mad scientist Kylox. However, Kylox has found itself at the center of yet more Karlov Manor confusion.

MTG fan MrHatandCloak found a poster for the set, with the main characters and their names taking pride of place. However, below Kylox’s portrait is the name “Ustith”.

Is Ustith an additional code? As it turns out, no. Responding to MrHatandCloak’s post, commenter mweepinc stated:

“Been stated through multiple sources (Graham from LRR who worked on creative text, MaRo) that Ustith was Kylox’s name earlier in development, and ended up changing late enough that this one slipped through.”

With MTG fans leaping to correct any confusion, it seems as though it’s only a matter of time until all of Murders at Karlov Manor’s secrets are laid bare.

Murders at Karlov Manor’s ARG is in full swing following the set’s LGS launch. The Magic community is working together to crack clues and make devilish deductions. We’ll keep you updated on the case’s progress following Murders at Karlov Manor’s full release on February 9.

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