Madden 23 player rating complaint hotline gets over 1,000 calls in a single day

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Madden 23 and EA SPORTS set up a Ratings Adjustor hotline for players to complain about this year’s ratings, which got thousands of calls in just one day.

Madden has served as the most popular football sim in the gaming space for over 20 years now.

As in each iteration of the game named after the legendary NFL coach, player ratings are adjusted to reflect their performance in the previous season accurately.

With Madden 23 just around the corner, the gaming franchise has released a phone number fans can call and complain about a specific player’s ratings in the game.

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Madden 23’s best running back is Derick Henry.

Madden 23 complaint hotline gets 1,000s of calls instantly

On July 28, Madden 23 released a public hotline that fans could call and submit complaints, as well as commendations, about certain players’ ratings in the next installment of the series.

The number was so popular that it attracted over 1,000 callers in just a few hours alone.

Madden’s Creator Content Strategy & Partnerships Emma Waldren said, “1,000 of you called the Madden 23 Ratings Adjustor hotline in the first six hours.”

Tons of NFL teams and players joined in on the fun of submitted grievances about their ratings.

Atlanta Falcons Tight End Kyle Pitts said, “Yo Madden, I’m only heading into year 2 and you’re already fleecing me on ratings!”

Madden developers have yet to reveal any data about which player had the most complaints, or if the feedback will actually result in real change.

Until then, check out all the best players in each position in Madden 23.

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