Legends of Runeterra 2nd Anniversary event: Rewards, Champion card updates, Arcane skins & more

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cover art for Legends of Runeterra's second anniversary event

Legends of Runeterra is celebrating its second-anniversary event with plenty of gifts for you to collect. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming in-game celebrations.

Since its global release in 2020, Legends of Runeterra has slowly turned into an extremely popular strategy-based card game as it heads into its second-anniversary event. Additionally, the game’s availability on mobile devices has made it even more accessible for players across the globe.

Legends of Runeterra is headed towards its second anniversary and there are plenty of in-gave activities and goodies to get you excited for the celebrations. Without further ado, let’s dive in and check out everything that there is to know about the second anniversary in-game event.


cover art for legends of runeterra's second anniversary
Legends of Runeterra’s second-anniversary event goes live soon!

Legends of Runeterra second anniversary event

The second anniversary of Legends of Runeterra will begin on April 26 with the release of patch 3.6.0. Throughout the duration of the event, you will be able to claim various prizes and gifts by simply logging in on a regular basis.

Additionally, you should also note that the anniversary patch will also bring forward a bunch of champion changes to alter the in-game meta.

Legends of Runeterra second anniversary event rewards

The main attraction of the second-anniversary event has to be the iconic Arcane-themes skins and emotes. Here’s a list of all the rewards you can claim from the Legends of Runeterra second anniversary login event:

  • Arcane Skins for Vi & Jinx
  • “See This Look?” Arcane Vi Emote
  • Turning Two Icon & Card Back
Vi's arcan inspired skin in Legends of Runeterra
The second-anniversary event is introducing the iconic Arcane Vi skin in Legends of Runeterra.

Legends of Runeterra patch 3.6.0 champion changes

As has already been confirmed by Riot Games, the upcoming patch will bring quite a few balancing changes and updates for in-game Champions. These changes include:


  • Level-Up Condition: You Frostbite 4+ Enemies. You decrease 4+ enemies’ power to 0.


  • Level-Up Condition: I see the enemy Nexus has 10 health or less. I see the enemy Nexus has half of its starting health.


  • Base Stats (Level 2): 0|9 0|10


  • New Effect: Round Start: Rally. When I’m summoned, give other allies +1|+1 this round.


  • New Effect: Create in hand a random spell from your regions. When you play a spell, cast it again on the same targets


  • New Effect: Play: Rally. Create a 0-cost Fleeting Blade’s Edge in hand. Strike: Recall me.


  • New Effect: When I level up, and each time I see you deal 15+ damage, create a Mirror Image in hand. If you already have one, reduce its cost by 1 instead.


  • Keywords: None Overwhelm


  • New Effect: Play: Stun an enemy


  • Keywords: None → Fearsome


  • Change: When you play a unit, give enemies -1|-0 this round. → When you summon a unit, give enemies -1|-0 this round.


  • (Level 1) Base Stats: 1|6 → 2|6
  • (Level 2) Base Stats: 8|6 → 9|6
  • (Returned) Base Stats: 8|4 → 9|4


  • Level-Up Condition: You’ve damaged the enemy Nexus 7+ times this game. You’ve played Stance Swap 3+ times this game.
  • Base Stats (Level 1): 4|4 → 5|4
  • Base Stats (Level 2): 5|5 → 6|5


  • Keywords: None Fearsome (+Regeneration at Level 2)

When does the Legends of Runeterra second-anniversary event end?

Legends of Runeterra’s second-anniversary event is scheduled to go live with the release of patch 3.6.0 and will be available until May 11 at 11:00 AM Pacific Time.

In order to claim all the available rewards, you will have to log in to the game on 7 different days during the span of the event.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about the second-anniversary event for Legends of Runeterra. For more on the game, be sure to check out our hub for it.

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