Legends of Runeterra: A Curious Journey expansion – Release time, new cards & keywords

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Legends of Runeterra Hothead artwork

Legends of Runeterra is about to receive a new set, with new champions, cards, and cosmetics to unlock, as well as a game-changing new keyword. Here’s everything we know about Legends of Runeterra: A Curious Journey.

Riot Games’ card game Legends of Runeterra takes the League of Legends franchise to a new strategic perspective, and it’s one of the most popular digital card games around.

The game keeps growing with new seasonal content, and the next expansion, A Curious Journey, is fast approaching.

With new cards, familiar champions, and game-changing new keywords, here’s everything we know about Legends of Runeterra: A Curious Journey.


Legends of Runeterra Blastcone Seedling Card
The Blastcone Seedling can choose between Barrier or Impact when played.

Legends of Runeterra: A Curious Journey release date and time

The expansion will arrive on PC and mobile on February 17 at around 11 AM PT/7 PM GMT – so we’re just hours away.

As with all LoR expansions, A Curious Journey will be free to all players but you’ll need to unlock cards as you go.


Check out the expansion’s trailer below.

New Champions


A Curious Journey sees the long-awaited arrival of Galio, who levels up when allies have over 25 HP combined. Check out his card below:

Legends of Runeterra Galio cards
Galio has a huge amount of health.


The other confirmed Champion is Yuumi, who makes use of the new “Attach” keyword to power up allies. You can see her cards below:

LoR Yuumi cards
Yuumi buffs allies with the new “Attach” keyword


Gnar is cute, but the level 2 card is anything but. Check out both below.

Legends of Runeterra Gnar cards
Gnar’s card can level up and level down quickly.


Udyr’s card is focused on dealing damage, and powers up by casting new stances.

LoR Udyr cards
Udyr is made stronger by using various stances.

New cards

As is usually the case, Riot has been steadily revealing new cards through Mobalytics.gg, with plenty of new Fae followers like the Gleaming Lantern and Blastcone Seedling joining the fray.

There are new Demacian units, too, including the Petracite Stag, Durand Sculptor, and the Mountain Drake, as well as new spells like Winds of War which heals an ally before making them strike an enemy directly.

As you’d expect, too, there are more Yordle types, including the fierce Chief Nakotak that heals allies when they transform before buffing them.

New keywords

Keywords are an important part of Legends of Runeterra, and so far we know of two new ones arriving in the Curious Journey expansion.


This means a card can be played on another card, granting it the attached unit’s stats and keywords.


This keyword means that a unit will strike with its health instead of its power. So the Petracite Hound will hit like a 2/2, rather than its base stats of 0/2.

That’s all we know about the Legends of Runeterra: A Curious Journey expansion so far, but we’ll update this page as we hear more.

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