Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players discovers brilliant fishing trick

Philip Trahan
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A Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has discovered a brilliant and efficient trick to make fishing a breeze.

Now that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been out for over a month, players have started to dig deep into what the game’s expansive building system is capable of.

From hoverbikes to walking Guardians, Zelda fans have created some truly impressive builds. Some builds even help players quickly and efficiently gather helpful resources like food and monster parts.

Now, one Tears of the Kingdom has become a master fisherman thanks to an ingenious trick that lets them trawl the seas to collect fish without even leaving their boat.

Tears of the Kingdom fan becomes master fisherman

The trick comes from the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit from a user named CodyK17. They attached a short clip of themselves riding a boat around the sea surrounding Lurelin Village.

They noted they found the boat in the video on Tenoko Island. This specific part of the boat is integral to the trick, as it comes attached with two Zonai fans, a steering stick, and three Shock Emitters.

As Tears of the Kingdom fans know, things like electricity and bomb explosions affect the wildlife living in water, and will instantly kill any fish inhabiting the space. That is, provided they are within a certain radius if the body of water is big enough.

Thanks to this boat, the player is simply able to drive around the ocean killing fish simply based on proximity. However, the genius of this trick is what comes next.

To easily collect the fish without even leaving their boat, the player created an Autobuild schematic made of several different Porgy types stuck together. Because Autobuild assembles parts by itself, the dead Porgy floating in the sea simply float towards the Autobuild and can be brought onto the boat.

Considering Porgy’s can be used in some helpful food recipes and as a way to get extra turns in the Treasure Chest Gambling minigame, this is an excellent and easy way to collect a bunch of these fish.

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