Wild Rift Yone and Gwen leaked as new champions

Terry Oh
Yone in League of Legends

Recent leaks all but confirmed Yone and Gwen to eventually debut on Wild Rift. The new champions will likely join on Wild Rift Patch 3.4, with official announcements expected to drop rather soon.

Wild Rift is slowly fleshing out its roster with the League of Legends cast — although entirely exclusive champions aren’t off the table.

Samira, Kassadin, and Sion have already been officially revealed for the patch 3.3 cycle, leaving many wondering who the next wave of champions will be. Luckily, Wild Rift Korea accidentally leaked the next upcoming champion in their “Drop the Champ” video — a leak which has now been corrected. But the information has already circulated the internet, and Yone and Gwen are practically confirmed for the game at this point.

In the video, they were apparently using a 3.4 version of the game, with Yone and Gwen shown in the champion select screen. This is direct evidence, pointing to their release in the next big patch cycle, especially considering further details were discovered earlier as well.

Gwen League of Legends
Gwen leaked on Wild Rift Korea’s YouTube channel, likely joining in 3.4.

As for Yone, outside of Wild Rift Korea’s YouTube channel accidentally confirming the Wild Rift new champion, data miners also discovered Wild Rift Yone voice lines — where the potential new champion talks with his brother, Yasuo. There’s also speculation of a new Spirit Blossom event headed to both Wild Rift and League of Legends PC, which would tie perfectly with the release of Yone.

Gwen splash arts were also discovered in the data, adding more evidence to the champion’s release.

Yone and Gwen are practically guaranteed to enter the game at this point, considering the official Wild Rift Korea YouTube channel. But data mines for Warwick and Vex have been discovered as well.

For context, Big Bad Bear has recently been finding more and more evidence surrounding the new champions, finding splash arts for Warwick in data mines for Wild Rift.

Apparently, Chowz also discovered Warwick’s W SFX in the sound files, so there’s a high chance of Warwick releasing soon in the mobile game.

And for Vex, dataminers found the champion’s Wild Rift skill images inside the game’s data, thereby pointing toward the champion’s development and eventual release. This has been a pretty consistent method of data mining, having revealed Veigar and Diana in the past the same way.

Vex, the Gloomist, will finally make her LoL debut this update cycle.
Vex is one of four leaked champions coming to Wild Rift soon, perhaps as soon as patch 3.4.

There’s not too much evidence regarding the champion release cycles — in essence, they may release in various different orders. Yone and Gwen releasing in Patch 3.4 seem to be the most directly supported theory, but don’t be surprised if these orders end up being different than speculated.