Tyler1 hits insane League of Legends combo while “blindfolded”

Alan Bernal

Reformed Twitch streamer Tyler ‘League of Legends all while donning a Lee Sin “cosplay.”

The streamer is one of the platform’s most explosive personalities; showing bouts of gameplay-induced rages and the like at the drop of a hat. But his audience enjoys Tyler’s antics, especially when he inadvertently trolls himself or his teammates.

For those unfamiliar, Lee Sin is a blind monk in League of Legends who wears a cloth around his eyes. So taking inspiration from the popular jungler, Tyler1 went into his match in a similar fashion with a headband over his eyes – but it was quickly evident he was peering through the bottom of the cloth to see the game.

Tyler1 TwitchT1 sure went out of his way to convince the stream he was blindfolded.

During the opening minutes of the game, he went to the top lane to push the advantage when the enemy Ahri came to respond. A fight broke out when the enemy Shen used Stand United to get back to lane, and it was Tyler’s time to shine.

While “blindfolded” Tyler hit a pixel-perfect Q on the squishy Ahri, allowing him to easily burst her down, leaving the Shen completely alone.

But the fight left him damaged, and with only a Shen left to take care of, the streamer ward-hopped to position himself well enough to ult the enemy away from him.

This was a clutch play since Shen could have made the fight pan out evenly, since it would have been a two-for-two battle. But since the Dragon’s Rage kick flung the foe away, Tyler one was able to survive the hectic engagement.

From the match’s start, his stream’s audience wasn’t so convinced that Tyler1 was actually going to go through with the game without his sight.

“In the spirit of Lee Sin,” Tyler said before the game started as he put on a reverse Village Hidden in the Leaf headband on his face. “I’m actually going to play this game blind. Trust me, I can’t see anything. Take my word for it.”

Tyler1 was trolling everybody, saying that most novice players can’t escape their low elo because they “don’t feel the champion (they’re) playing.”

Even though his viewers easily saw through his ruse, Tyler1 is a great League of Legends player so he might be onto something when channeling his champion during a match.

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