Tyler1’s incredible chess streak continues as streamer reaches new milestone

Jeremy Gan
Tyler1 lol matchmaking

Tyler1 just keeps winning in chess as his incredible streak continues, reaching a new milestone of 1905 elo in just 10 months, making him the top 0.5% of players worldwide. 

When it comes to streaming the grind, there is none that does is better than Tyler1. He was, after all, the first LoL streamer to hit Champion on all five roles while broadcasting live on Twitch. 

It seems Tyler wasn’t satisfied with conquering LoL though, as he’s now conquering Chess too. Just two months ago, Tyler hit 1700 Elo in just eight months into picking up the game. Two weeks ago, just after the birth of his daughter, he reached 1800 Elo

Now, 10 months into starting his chess journey, he has reached 1900 Elo, putting him in the top 0.5% of players worldwide. 

Tyler1 hit 1905 Elo with a win in a game of Rapid, putting him at the upper echelon of chess.

Even though his global rank is placed at number 53,624 — the player with the most Elo going to chess Grandmaster Andrey Gutov — it still can’t be overstated how much of an achievement 1905 Elo is to get in just 10 months. 

For reference, most players sit at an elo of 400, and most good players will likely hit a high of 1500 or so. Above 2300 or so, you’re probably a professional player. Above 2500, you probably are at the top of FIDE’s rankings. And Tyler is getting close to that. 

No one embodies the chess world’s reaction more than GothamChess, who wrote, “This is absolutely insane. Tyler1 has just crossed 1900 Elo in chess. He is now ranked in the top 0.5% IN THE WORLD. He learned chess 10 months ago. Is this man human?”

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