Tyler1 reveals “OP” chess tactic with his baby that helped him reach 1900 rating

Michael Gwilliam
tyler1 holds his phone up on twitch

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1 revealed his latest “OP” chess tactic that helped him reach an impressive 1900 rating that he says helps him be a good father.

Tyler1 has been making waves in the chess community by leveling up his game at an incredible pace, going from not knowing chess one year ago to approaching the rank of master.

His Twitch star has been doing it all while still playing LoL as his primary game and being a dad to his newborn baby, Saiyler Rue Steinkamp, which he welcomed into the world alongside fellow streamer Macaiyla back in April.

During a May 9 broadcast, the rising chess star revealed a helpful strategy involving his daughter that’s assisted him greatly.

“Thank God I have chess, because Saiyler just sits on my chest for hours. It’s literally the perfect thing,” he said grabbing his phone to demonstrate. “Because I can play while holding her. It’s broken. It’s OP. Plus, technically, that makes me a good dad as well, because I’m playing her even though I’m playing.”

He also touched on hitting his new milestone of 1900 rating, but wasn’t exactly humble about it. “That game’s easy!” he proclaimed.

The streamer’s rise through the chess ranks hasn’t gone unnoticed from those in the community either. Notably, YouTuber GothamChess applauded Tyler1’s success, especially now that he’s better than 99.5% of other players in the world.

“Is this man human?” GothamChess asked after seeing how far the upstart has come.

Women’s chess Master Anna Cramling also eyed the muscular Twitch icon as he’s been using her Cow Opening to win quite a few matches.

Cramling even went as far as to challenge Tyler1 to a match once he reaches 2000 ELO, so that’s something the chess community may want to look out for, especially with the LoL star continuing to climb, with some help from his baby as previously mentioned.