League of Legends: Riot respond to new K/DA song leaks

Riot GamesRiot Games

Two new songs by fictional League of Legends Kpop group K/DA appeared on lyrics site Genius, but Riot seems to have discredited them.

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K/DA is group featuring League of Legends champions Ahri, Akali, Kai’Sa, and Evelynn, with vocals provided by Miyeon and Soyeon of (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns, and Madison Beer respectively.

The group made their debut at the 2018 World Championship with a performance of POP/STARS, a single which went viral and ultimately peaked at number one on the World Digital Songs chart.

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Given the immense popularity of POP/STARS, many fans of the group have been hoping for new music from K/DA, and those hopes were ignited when it was noticed that their Genius page featured two new songs, “Gold” and “GAME/OVER”, which are listed for release on November 3, one year after POP/STARS.

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Genius is a crowd-sourced site, however, and unfortunately Riot have now denounced the listing, with Communications Strategist Will ‘Nerp1186’ Starck stating that “these aren’t official. Like a few people have said, these pages can be edited by anyone, and these aren’t from us.”

Riot GamesRiot also produced a K/DA skin line that proved incredibly popular.
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There is still some hope for K/DA fans, however. Nerp1186 didn’t technically deny the existence of the songs – only that the Genius listings had come from Riot – and even if these supposed leaks are false, the statement also doesn’t deny that Riot have new K/DA music in the works.

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Given the immense success of POP/STARS, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising for Riot to be working on new songs for the group, but it seems likely that fans may have to wait until the World Championship finals to find out one way or the other.

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In the meantime, fans of Riot’s music do have something to look forward to in the more immediate future, as this year’s official World Championship song should be releasing in the coming weeks. No details of which artists might be involved with the track have been officially revealed yet, although there has been speculation that popular violinist Lindsey Sterling may feature.

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