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League of Legends streamer shows how to pull off genius Syndra tactic

Published: 19/Sep/2019 13:07 Updated: 19/Sep/2019 13:28

by Joe O'Brien


Team Liquid League of Legends streamer MidBeast demonstrated a clever technique with Syndra while playing against Annie.

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MidBeast was playing Syndra in a competitive game when he found himself under pressure in the mid lane after the enemy Thresh appeared from the river, attempting to help his own mid-laner, Annie, secure a kill.

Not only was MidBeast able to survive the gank attempt with some fancy footwork, he also earned a kill for himself by utilizing a unique interaction between Annie and Syndra.

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MidBeast’s initial attack had left the Annie very weak, but she was able to get too far out of range for him to finish the kill directly. She had, however, left behind Tibbers, the bear that appears as her ultimate ability.


Riot GamesMidBeast’s play exploited an interaction with Annie’s Tibbers.

Using Syndra’s Force of Will (W) to pick up Tibbers, MidBeast carried him towards his own tower, away from Annie, before throwing him forward. Tibbers has a maximum distance he can be from Annie, after which he will teleport back to her – and when he did, he took the Force of Will damage with him, finishing off the kill.

Midbeast was impressed by his own outplay, but he might have sold himself a little short on estimating just how clever it was.

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“Oh my god! Come on guys, please, how many IQ was that?” MidBeast laughed. “At least seven…teen.”


This is obviously an incredibly niche interaction that takes a very specific set of circumstances to pull off, but it’s still worth being aware of, as it certainly makes for an incredibly stylish kill should you ever pull it off.

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The clip also speaks to the depth of League of Legends that has helped keep it as one of the most popular games in the world, with Riot recently revealing incredibly high player counts. With nearly 150 champions in the game, there are a huge number of nuances and interactions to learn for those who want to find every possible advantage.