GothamChess in awe as Tyler1 reaches another “insane” chess rating milestone

Michael Gwilliam
gothamchess and tyler1 side by side

Twitch streamer Tyler1 continues to level up in chess after only learning the game ten months ago and GothamChess is nothing short of amazed.

In less than a year, LoL streamer Tyler1 has become better than 99.5% of the world’s chess players and it doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down.

On May 6, 2024, Tyler1 reached a rating of 1900 after besting yet another opponent. The victory moves him one step closer to earning the rank of Master, which would be a phenomenal feat for any streamer, let alone someone who has been playing for under a year.

His success even got the attention of GothamChess who couldn’t help but chime in on the streamer’s “insane” accomplishments.

“Tyler1 has just crossed 1900 Elo in chess. He is now ranked in the top 0.5% IN THE WORLD,” the chess content creator exclaimed along with a chart of the Twitch streamer’s improvement. “Is this man human?”

Back in March, the streamer crossed the 1700 ELO mark after originally starting at a brutal 199 rating just a few months prior.

April saw the streamer win one of his most challenging games yet being matched against a 2153-rated player, but in a surprising upset, he picked up the win with the white pieces.

What makes his chess growth even more impressive is that he plays while waiting in queue for LoL matches, effectively making chess secondary to the MOBA.

It’s anyone’s guess when or if Tyler1 will peak, but for now, the sky remains the limit as he continues to climb in chess ELO, stunning even the biggest of chess creators with his results.

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