Tyler1 hilariously celebrates LoL jungle nerfs revealed for patch 13.5

Twitch: tyler1

Tyler1 decided to celebrate the news of nerfs coming to the jungle role in LoL patch 13.5 with an over-the-top reaction as he sprinted up and down his house in excitement.

Tyler1 has always been League’s biggest critic, especially when it comes to the jungle role. He has called it the best role, but claims it is populated with the worst players. 

Jungle players called him out as an ADC main who didn’t know what he was talking about just a few years prior. He held such a grudge against jungle players he decided to reach Challenger by playing only jungle to prove his point, and he succeeded.

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In fact, he holds such a grudge against every role’s player base he decided to reach Challenger on every single lane, making him the only person to reach such a feat at the time.

And once again, his disdain for the jungle role and its players has shown up again. In a tweet, his first in over a year, he can be seen celebrating upcoming changes coming to the PBE for patch 13.5.

In the video, we see his girlfriend, Macaiyla, telling Tyler that jungle is being nerfed. The news caused him to charge towards the laptop in shock, only to celebrate the coming changes to the role. 

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“League is saved! Caiyla! Saved!” he shouted into the camera, jumping up and down excitedly.

According to LoL dev Phlox, the changes would increase the gold given per camp and change the lane XP received to scale rather than a fixed value.

The changes can be seen as minor, but it is meant to curb early lane ganks which have become the meta in recent patches. Rather the changes to incentivize jungle farming and counter jungling. 

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