Tyler1 finally hits Challenger in every role & celebrates by trashing League Support players

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Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp completed his quest to hit Challenger in every role in League of Legends, hitting the highest rank on support on February 19. He then claimed support is the “easiest role in the game” and teased what his next moves are.

Tyler1 has finally done it: he’s hit Challenger rank in all five roles in League of Legends.

On February 19, he streamed from the previous night into the early morning to hit the LP thresh hold for Challenger rank in a stream that lasted over 15 hours.

In completing the support challenge, the Twitch star has now achieved what only a handful of players ever have done.

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Tyler1 has over 4.8 million followers on Twitch.

Tyler1 now Challenger in every LoL role

The 26-year-old started the quest to reach Challenger in every role back in January 2020, when he kicked off his Jungle challenge.

Starting the challenge as an ADC main, jungle proved to be a difficult role to learn for him. But, after over 1,800 games and a grueling four months, he finally completed it and labeled himself “the GOAT.”

In 2021, Tyler completed both the top lane and mid lane challenges, leaving the only remaining class to hit Challenger on as support.

Support ended up being his fastest challenge by far, completing it in just under 450 games. Upon hitting Challenger rank, the streamer popped off in classic T1 fashion, screaming his head off: “That’s it! It’s done, officially!”

He then took a moment to hit out at the support role. “Support is the easiest role,” he said. “I brain off auto-piloted almost all of support, I’m not even kidding. My brain was off. It’s so easy, it really is.”

Tyler continued, “Before I played support, I said all support players suck, the ones that just suck a little less climb. It’s true.”

Since there are no more challenges to complete for him, his fans were curious what his next steps were for his stream. He ruled out hosting variety streams, and mentioned he’d be taking his stream “worldwide.”

Whatever Tyler1 decides to do next, he’ll forever hold the mantle of Challenger in every role and is truly built different.

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