Tyler1 can’t stop annoying his Korean League teammates

Lawrence Scotti
tyler1 league of legends

Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp is deep into his quest to reach Challenger rank in League of Legends during his visit to Korea, but seemingly cannot stop annoying his teammates on his way to the top. 

Tyler1 flew to South Korea and began his grind to Challenger rank on May 3, kicking off his first-ever international streaming trip.

Despite the grind on the Korean servers starting off rocky with a massive losing streak, he’s managed to stabilize his performance and has already hit Master tier in less than ten days after the challenge began.

During his long 12-hour streams he’s been paired with tons of new teammates he’s never played with before, some of who have already grown tired of his antics in solo queue.

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Tyler1 has over 4.9 million followers on Twitch.

Tyler1 ruins Korean League player’s day

The 27-year-old streamer was live on May 10 when he encountered the same player over and over again in his solo queue matches named ‘Ged Sin.’

In the pair’s first match together, Tyler played poorly and was criticized excessively by Sin in a loss. Then, in Tyler’s very next match, he played against Sin and stomped his team quickly. This grew Ged Sin’s anger towards the content creator even further.

In the third League lobby of the day, the pair face off once again, with Tyler dominating the game. In an unbelievable stroke of luck, Tyler found himself in a fourth lobby in a row with Ged Sin, but this time, Ged completely refused to play with the popular Twitch streamer.

Although Tyler instantly offered multiple apologies to Sin, Ged was having none of it and typed “open” indicating he was happy to lose the match in order to scorn the Twitch star.

Tyler1 cracked up over the situation as the former T1 streamer simply couldn’t stop ruining poor Ged Sin’s day.

Steinkamp’s Twitch chat has helped grow the rivalry between the two players, hyping up each of their matches.

Although Tyler tried to squash the beef with an apology, it looks like their rivalry has only just begun.