Tyler1 says he “may never win again” after League losing streak in Korea

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Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp had a rough day in League of Legends solo queue during his trip to South Korea, which culminated in a massive losing streak.

Tyler1 has finally moved to South Korea and begun his quest to hit Challenger on the League ranked ladder.

After reaching the highest rank on all five roles in America, he’s decided to add some extra spice to his Korea challenge, queuing almost entirely as auto-fill.

Despite his proven ability on all five LoL roles, he’s had a rough start on the Korean server.

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Tyler1 has over 4.8 million followers on Twitch.

Tyler1 struggles in early days of Korea challenge

May 4 was Tyler’s second day of streaming from his hotel room in Korea, and proved to be a difficult day of climbing out of low-elo.

Despite beginning his stream on a nice win streak (according to his match history), after winning a handful of his early games, he ended the day losing nine of his last 11 games, erasing most of the gains he made earlier in the day.

One clip that’s gone viral from his stream was a seriously painful moment from one of his Mordekaiser jungle matches. As he’s finishing killing blue buff in the enemy jungle, it de-aggros from him as he doesn’t kill it in time. Them, he heads top to dive the enemy Fiora, which ends in complete disaster with the duelist notching a double-kill against Tyler and his friendly Jax.

After the misplay, Tyler said: “I’m a f***ing moron, dude. Holy f**k.”

Later in the stream, Tyler responded to a viewer who asked if he’d ever win another League game again.

“I might not, bro. We’ve lost nine of ten. I’ve won one game in seven hours. What’s winning feel like?”

Thankfully for his sanity, Tyler managed to win his last match of the day and wrap the stream up with a W.

His plans to end the stream after reaching Platinum rank didn’t go accordingly as Tyler’s account is still in Gold I. The 27-year-old streamer is certainly a strong enough grind his way into high-elo, but this broadcast was certainly a hiccup in those plans.

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