League players split over redesigned scoreboard: “It looks like a mobile game”

league of legends scoreboardRiot Games

League of Legends players are divided after Riot Games redesigned the post-game scoreboard in LoL patch 12.9.

On May 11, League of Legends finally launched the new Challenges system, as well as a complete overhaul of the post-game screen and the scoreboard.

The update represents a concerted effort from Riot Games to modernize League’s client, which has received massive amounts of criticism throughout the years.

While the match recap screen has received mostly praise, the new scoreboard has divided players as some believe the update actually made the scoreboard worse than before.

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High Noon Leona in League of LegendsRiot Games
The League scoreboard was updated with patch 12.9.

League’s new scoreboard divides player base

After the new scoreboard launched, League players across Runeterra were quick to share their thoughts on the changes.

One tweet roasted the update, asking “why does League look like a mobile game now?”

The new scoreboard received hate for both it’s covering up of the chat on the bottom of the screen, as well as its sizing of the damage graph.

League streamer Humzh also took a shot on the update, writing “fire the guy who thought this interface was a good idea.”

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However, not everybody dislikes the new post-match screen. One user fought back against claims it looks like a mobile game, “What’s wrong with that? It looks 100 times better than the previous outdated one, whoever made this new design did an amazing job.”

The update, whichever way you look at it, certainly modernizes the LoL scoreboard which was starting to feel extremely dated.

Another user claimed that League players hate change more than anything, which is why there was such a negative reaction to the update.

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As with most changes in League of Legends, the fan base is seemingly divided down the middle.

Since the scoreboard update is still brand new, it’s possible Riot look to polish it up in future updates to appease those frustrated with the changes.