The best set 8 comps in patch 13.4: Top meta builds

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Patch 13.4 brought about a fair amount of updates to TFT. With several quality-of-life changes, buffs, and nerfs to traits, it’s the perfect time to get ahead of the competition while they’re still learning. Here are the best comps to be running in Patch 13.4 for Teamfight Tactics.

Patch 13.4 of League of Legends is here, with several changes in the base game and Teamfight Tactics. TFT saw some big quality-of-life buffs to various player choices, as well as nerfs to units like Viego and Kai’sa, who were overperforming. It’s a good idea to get ahead of the competition while you can, so we’re giving you the best comps to be running on this patch.

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Star Guardians Taliyah

Star Guardians have flown under the radar since the launch of Set 8: Monsters Attack! They’ve been relatively underutilized since the release of the set, being outshined by other potent traits like Supers, Renegades and Laser Corps. However, it seems that Star Guardians are finally having their turn in the spotlight, as nerfs to several traits have allowed them to shine a bit brighter.

Star Guardians rely on Taliyah as their primary carry, with units like Lux and Yuumi to support her. In the frontline, you’ll be playing Annie Alistar and Ekko, all of which synergize together to form a rather tanky wall.

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Item wise you’ll be looking for Taliyah items first, with Spear of Shojin, Hextech Gunblade, and Jeweled Gauntlet as your priority. Tankier items can go to Ekko, Annie or Alistar, with Ionic Spark being particularly useful for the magic resistance shred. If you aren’t able to grab an Ionic Spark, Statikk Shiv is a great alternative that can be placed on Syndra or Yuumi.

star guardians taliyahLoLCHESS.GG
Star Guardians are finally having some time in the spotlight in Patch 13.4.

It’s worth noting that one of the strongest frontlines in the game right now are Aegis units, which directly counter Star Guardians by as they grant MR to themselves and their team. This is a comp that directly counters you, meaning you should be wary of any other players running this in the lobby.

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Recommended Items: Spear of Shojin, Hextech Gunblade, Jeweled Gauntlet, Ionic Spark, Statikk Shiv, Tank ItemsRecommended Augments: Cybernetic Uplink, Jeweled Lotus, Portable Forge (aim for Manamune)Recommended Hero Augments: Stoneweaver (Taliyah Carry), Be The Stone (Taliyah Support), Empowered Reserves (Syndra Support), Burning Spirit (Annie Support)

Aegis Samira

Despite nerfs to Sureshots in Patch 13.4, Aegis Samira is still a fantastic comp to be running at the moment. Aegis Samira relies on a large frontline to allow for Samira and Aphelios to stack up their Sureshot trait, granting them large amounts of bonus AD.

Alongside these two, you’ll be bringing in Ekko, Alistar, and Vi with supplementary units like Fiddlesticks, Urgot and Sejuani as backup units.

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Once they’ve stacked up, Samira and Aphelios both become high-damage threats capable of taking down both the enemy frontline and backline. You’ll want to itemize Samira in this comp, as Aphelios isn’t always a guarantee in most games. These items are generally Last Whisper, Hextech Gunblade and Infinity Edge.

Tank items can work on almost any of the frontline in this comp, but Sunfire Cape is one of the better items to grab if you can.

aegis samiraLoLCHESS.GG
Aegis Samira is an expensive but incredibly powerful comp.

Aegis Samira is a fantastic comp but requires the player to reach level 8 generally, as most of the units within the composition are pretty expensive. Ensure you keep your economy healthy as you slowly level up, whilst also ensuring you don’t take too much damage in the process.

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Recommended Items: Infinity Edge, Hextech Gunblade, Last Whisper, Sunfire Cape, Tank ItemsRecommended Augments: Ascension, Last Stand, Second Wind, Stand UnitedRecommended Hero Augments: Style and Flair (Samira Carry), Daredevil (Samira Support), Boxing Lessons (Vi Support)

Anima Squad

The Anima Squad is back in full force once again! With nerfs to some of the heavier hitters like Viego in this patch, Miss Fortune has found her footing as the premier carry for the Trait. Anima Squad allows for any units within the trait to gain permanent maximum health when they take down an enemy. This means getting Anima Squad in as early as possible is important for this comp, as the stacking maximum health will remain relevant for the rest of the game.

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Miss Fortune is your main carry, with your other 4 Anima Squad members being Nasus, Jinx, Riven and Vayne, for a total of 5. Alongside them, you can play Ekko and Alistar, with the last unit being a splash of what you see fit. Generally speaking, Sejuani or Fiddlesticks works well here.Itemization for Miss Fortune is similar to Taliyah, with Spear of Shojin, Giant Slayer and Jeweled Gauntlet being the best items here. Tank items can go to Ekko or Riven, with Ionic Spark helping out Miss Fortune break through the enemy’s frontline. Sunfire Cape is also great for Ekko, who is able to dive into the backline and taunt all nearby him, making him a great applicator for the burn effect.

anima squadLoLCHESS.GG
Anima Squad allows units to gain maximum health bonuses.

Recommended Items: Spear of Shojin, Jeweled Gauntlet, Giant Slayer, Sunfire Cape, Ionic Spark, Tank ItemsRecommended Augments: Cybernetic Uplink, Anima Squad Crown/ Crest, Prankster Crest, Portable Forge (aim for Manamune)Recommended Hero Augments: Bunny Mercenary (Miss Fortune Carry), Reverberation (Riven Carry), Soul Eater (Nasus Support), Triumphant Return (Riven Support)

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Recon Kai’sa Threats

Recon Kai’sa has been one of the strongest comps of the previous patch. After a couple of small nerfs in Patch 13.4 it’s not quite as dominant as before. However, the comp is still a fantastic reroll comp that relies on hitting units at the right time.

Recon Kai’sa revolves around giving Kai’sa the 4 Recon bonus. This allows her ability to critical strike dealing massive amounts of damage to any enemy she comes into contact with. Alongside her you’ve got other 3 cost units, making it particularly effective to roll on level 7. Units like Rammus, Vayne, Nilah and Cho’Gath make up the brunt of the comp, as well as your frontline.

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Kai’sa wants items that give her attack speed, while also granting her ability bonus damage. As such, items like Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Statikk Shiv, Giant Slayer and Hextech Gunblade are fantastic options for her. Tank items can be placed on Rammus primarily, with Cho’Gath gaining any secondary ones.

recon kaisaLoLCHESS.GG
Recon Kai’sa Threats are still a strong contender as a comp.

Recommended Items: Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Statikk Shiv, Giant Slayer, Hextech Gunblade, Sunfire Cape, Tank ItemsRecommended Augments: Recon Crown, Tri Force, Exiles, Phony FrontlineRecommended Hero Augments: Spread Shot (Kai’sa Carry), Armored-Dillo (Rammus Support), Raider’s Spoils (Ezreal Support), Corps Focus (Ashe Support)

Supers Yuumi Nilah

Supers are still a strong option in Patch 13.4 for those who love hitting the reroll button. Running Supers allows for players to be pretty flexible, running several variations with different carries such as Ashe and Draven. However, the strongest of the Supers variation has to be Yuumi. Supers Yuumi was easily the most broken comp of Set 8, dominating the meta for a good period of time. Now it’s returned, in a slightly different fashion.

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Supers Yuumi still relies on Yuumi as the main carry. The Supers trait gives her a damage buff to help her output insane damage. Alongside Yuumi, you’re looking to run other low-cost units, Rell and Nilah. The main goal of this comp is to three-star as many units as you possibly can. This synergizes with Supers, which gives damage bonuses dependent on the amount of three-star units you have.

Item wise Yuumi wants Blue Buff, Rabadon’s Deathcap and a Hextech Gunblade. These items allow Yuumi to deal massive damage whilst healing up her teammates. Other tank items can be placed on Nilah, with Ionic Spark being a top-tier option.

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supers yuumiLoLCHESS.GG
Supers Yuumi is arguably the strongest Supers comp at the moment.

Recommended Items: Blue Buff, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Hextech Gunblade, Ionic Spark, Tank ItemsRecommended Augments: Golden Ticket, Battlemage, Think Fast, Preparation, Trade SectorRecommended Hero Augments: Cleansing Safeguard (Lee Sin Carry), Predatory Precision (Yuumi Carry), Zoomies (Yuumi Support), Jubilant Veil (Nilah Support)