TFT Set 8 details: Monsters Attack champions & traits, Hero Augments, more

TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack key art with Pengu, Nasus, Lux, Fiddlesticks, and Bel'VethRiot Games

TFT Set 8, named Monsters Attack, has finally been revealed. Coming at the tailend of 2022, Riot are refreshing the autobattler’s roster of champions and traits, bringing back Augments in their new Hero form, and much more.

It’s time to move on from the Dragonlands as TFT Set 8 approaches, and Monsters Attack. The next installment in Riot’s hit autobattler is on its way with the usual refresh of champions and traits, as well as new mechanics to play around with.

As far as transformative updates go, Riot is promising this to be one of their biggest as a “a bold new vision for Teamfight Tactics, reimagining everything from its art direction to its core gameplay.” This includes never-before-seen traits and a total overhaul to PvE rounds ⁠— a staple since the game’s launch.

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Here’s what we know about TFT Set 8, Monsters Attack, so far before its release.

Star Guardian Lux in League of LegendsRiot Games
TFT Set 8, named Monsters Attack, is on its way.

What’s new in TFT Set 8, Monsters Attack?

TFT Set 8 new champions and traits

Of course, TFT Set 8 will launch with an entirely new roster of champions and traits. With Monsters Attack as the name, heroes and anti-heroes as the theme, and invaders to fend off, you can get an idea of who will be a part of it all.

Riot has already confirmed a couple: lead developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer told players Bel’Veth will be a part of Monsters Attack ahead of time. As for Rammus’ fate ⁠— being the only League of Legends champion yet to be added to the autobattler ⁠— he will finally make his debut as a Threat.

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Guardian of the Sands Rammus in League of LegendsRiot Games
Rammus finally makes his TFT debut in Set 8, 3.5 years after the game mode’s launch.

Beyond champions, Riot has also revealed a new trait called Threat. It’s a non-trait, really: they don’t have any other traits (except Fiddlesticks), and fielding multiple Threats don’t bolster one another. They are “more powerful than other units, which compensates for their stripped-down vibe,” and players aren’t limited to a specific number of them a la Dragons in TFT Set 7.

Anima Squad stack up fame by getting takedowns, striking pose after their first every combat. This gives them ability power and attack damage to deal more damage as the game goes on. Underground is a return to lose-streaking traits like Mercenary or Fortune, with players stacking up progress towards a “heist” with wins or losses, and you get better rewards the more times you pass it in.

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You can find the full list of TFT Set 8 champions and traits here.

Hero Augments added for Monsters Attack

Another early detail confirmed ahead of time for TFT Set 8, Monsters Attack, is the return of Augments. They will now be a permanent part of Teamfight Tactics — something Riot weren’t sure on just six months ago — but in this update they take on a new form in Hero Augments.

Instead of bolstering your whole team, Hero Augments empower a specific champion, leaning into that superhero trope. Each champion has both a carry and support option to choose to boost themselves and their team.

Hero Augments aren’t directly replacing Regular Augments either — those are appearing as well, and the two shops will interchange across a game at the same breakpoints of Stages 2-1, 3-2, and 4-2.

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Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks in League of LegendsRiot Games
Buff your hero (or anti-hero) with the Hero Augments in TFT Set 8, Monsters Attack.

Item Anvils lead overhaul of system in TFT Set 8

If Treasure Dragons were one form of giving players agency in TFT Set 7, then Item Anvils and an entire overhaul of the PvE system is building on that in Monsters Attack.

Come TFT Set 8, players will be offered Item Anvils at Stages 4-7, 5-7, and 6-7 after finishing a “boss battle”. They can be cashed in for components and full items, akin to how Tome of Traits work. There are also special empowered anvils containing Ornn and Radiant items. The goal is to give players more agency in their item choices at these key fights.

On top of that, Riot are tuning item power to be less dominant as TFT’s main focus should be on the champions. Developers estimate they’ll be around 25% weaker than previous sets, letting champions shine. Finally only one item is being removed: Banshee’s Claw is being replaced by Guardbreaker, a new anti-shield item in a similar vein to Giant Slayer.

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Urgot PvE fight in TFT Set 8Riot Games
Boss battle PvE rounds will now drop Item Anvils, giving players more agency in TFT Set 8.

When is TFT Set 8, Monsters Attack, being released?

TFT Set 8, Monsters Attack, will go live as part of TFT patch 12.23, due to release on December 7, 2022. It will hit PBE servers on November 14, just after TFT patch 12.22 launches with the final update of Dragonlands.