TFT’s Hextech Augments to stay in Set 7, but Riot won’t commit to long-term future

Illaoi in TFT Set 7Riot Games

Hextech Augments have been a hit in TFT Set 6. Riot has already committed to including the feature in the upcoming Set 7, but its long-term future as a permanent mechanic isn’t secured with developers concerned about burning out players.

Hextech Augments were introduced in Set 6 and offer players a new way to spice up their gameplay with extra agency.

Whether through padding your economy at the start of each round or buffing the amount of damage dealt by a specific trait, these upgrades offer unique opportunities to enhance squads, adding another level of strategy to the game.

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Players have rejoiced about the number of dynamic ways to play TFT and how it’s elevated the experience. However, its long-term future isn’t necessarily secured beyond Set 7 — and it could be removed sooner rather than later.

Hextech Augments have opened the door to new adaptive ways of playing TFT.

Hextech Augments coming to TFT Set 7, but beyond?

In an interview, TFT developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer noted the team is committed to keeping this part of the game around for the next set. “We have decided and announced Augments will be staying for at least Set 7,” he said.

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However, there was a big but: “We’re not committing to anything beyond Set 7 yet though.”

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He explained extensive playtesting can reveal problems with a feature that would have otherwise flown under the radar.

“Will it still be fun a year from now? Will we start to see the cracks in it? TFT is all about creating novel experiences and having new things to try, so if the system starts to wear out its welcome it may not be permanent,” he added.

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Teamfight Tactics is headed the Dragon Isles in Set 7Riot Games
TFT Set 7 will be going to the Dragon Realms, and Augments are tagging along for the ride.

Mortdog did reassure players the devs will continue to “keep building on it and expand” the mechanic through the whole of the next Dragon-themed set before any call is made to scrap the beloved mechanic.

This commitment to Augments aligns with the changes coming in the Neon Nights update, which has added 80 more of these power-ups for players to experiment with and enjoy.

While they might be headed out of the game somewhere down the line, TFT players have plenty of time to enjoy these upgrades while they’re around in 2022.

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