TFT pro strikes out after 81 rerolls in a single round without finding his unit

Liam Ho
Zed Splash Art

Professional Teamfight Tactics player DQA showcased one of the highest APMs we’ve seen using the unlimited rerolls from Think Fast, only for them to not hit the Zed 3 they were looking for.

Riot’s popular auto battler Teamfight Tactics is a game of luck, strategy, and skill. Crafting the perfect team comp to take down the opposing players is no easy feat, and requires players to think on their toes as well as have a strategy to win. Professional players of the title thoroughly research and study the game, ensuring that they have the knowledge and theory to win.

However, it’s not always strategy and talent that can win you matches in Teamfight Tactics. As rolling your shop for units is one of the key mechanics for the game, there are times when you just end up getting lucky, getting the units you need all at once. On the opposite end, there’s potential for you to be equally unlucky never finding the units you need and losing the game because of it.

Unfortunately for one player, that’s exactly what happened to them during a recent tournament. Professional player DQA showcased magnificent APM during their reroll spree, which makes it even worse when they didn’t hit their Zed 3.

Zed reroll is one of the strongest comps around in Set 9 of TFT. The composition mainly works around rerolling for Katarina and Zed, with the two assassins being the premiere carries. Both Katarina and Zed are low-cost units, meaning players will want to try and get their 3-star versions by rolling at lower levels.

DQA had just taken the augment Think Fast, which grants players an unlimited amount of rerolls for free for a short period of time. The player was able to utilize the augment fantastically, rerolling 81 times in total whilst searching for their units.

Rolling viciously, DQA was only able to gain 8 total Zeds, making him one short of the coveted Zed 3. They were left absolutely dumbfounded, completely befuddled at how they were unable to hit with that amount of rolls. Fortunately, they were eventually able to hit the Zed 3 sometime later.

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