TFT lead dev details game’s craziest bug that could result in an instant death

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Teamfight Tactics lead developer Mortdog revealed the craziest bug they’ve ever witnessed, one that could instantly kill a player and their Little Legend.

Teamfight Tactics has been one of Riot’s biggest games for quite some time now. The popular auto battler has seen plenty of updates and set swaps to keep things fresh and keep players interested. The game itself is hosted within the League of Legends client and actually pulls various assets from the game.

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Because of this, there can sometimes be unintended bugs that creep into the game from time to time. Of course, Riot is swift in fixing up and punishing anyone exploiting these issues so that the honest players can continue.

However one of the biggest bugs that occurred never ended up seeing the live servers, fortunately, as Riot was able to witness the issue during their playtests. Thankfully they were able to catch it early, as this bug could’ve easily broken the game completely and had players up in arms.

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The lead designer of Teamfight Tactics Mortdog revealed the biggest bug the TFT team has ever witnessed. During the playtests of Set 4, the team discovered a lethal bug that could instantly kill a player if they weren’t being careful.

“When we were playtesting Set 4, Alex was in the playtest and he was doing fine. He had about 60 health left and all of a sudden Alex was dead. And we’re like ‘What happened?’”

Turns out that one of the units in Set 4 was able to hit Little Legends with their abilities, dealing damage to the player.

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“Riven, the four cost did her spell and hit his Little Legend and the spell could hit Little Legends and it killed him. That is still the funniest story.”

Fortunately, we haven’t seen any bugs quite as egregious as this one, but with TFT continuing strong, there’s always a chance something even crazier happens down the line.

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