TFT streamer discovers the 100 duck-sized horses strategy with lucky augment combination

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A Teamfight Tactics streamer has discovered the 100 duck-sized horses strategy and taken it to new heights with a lucky Prismatic augment combination.

Teamfight Tactics has changed drastically over the years since its inception. What started out as Riot’s take on the popular auto-battler trend transcended into a well-crafted strategy mode that players from all over now love. Riot is consistently updating the mode as well, introducing new units, mechanics, and cosmetics with each coming set.

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Set 6 was arguably one of the most monumental for Teamfight Tactics, as it introduced augments. These augments can drastically change how the game is played, and playing around them is key to victory. Set 9 introduced a new augment that allowed players to gain 3 max army size, at the cost of the strength of each individual unit.

This augment titled “Endless Hordes” was inspired by the age-old question of fighting 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck. Fortunately, TFT streamer Kiyoon was able to test that theory after taking augments that gave him 5 max army size, giving him a huge board to fight with.

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TFT streamer Kiyoon creates a monstrous board using rare augment combo

In Teamfight Tactics, players are able to field a certain amount of units based on their current level in the game. The player’s maximum board size is equal to their current level, with certain augments like Endless Hordes however, this can be increased.

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Alongside Endless Hordes, another prismatic augment titled Cursed Crown allows players to gain a bonus 2 max army size. These two augments can roll together to give players a total of 5 bonus max army size, making their boards absolutely massive.

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This is exactly what happened to TFT streamer Kiyoon, who was able to put in 12 units on their board, despite only being level 7.

While the idea of 12 units sounds tempting on paper, in practice, not so much. Kiyoon was only able to place 6th with the massive army, leaving the streamer completely speechless.

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