Teamfight Tactics player discovers insane bug that breaks Think Fast augment

Liam Ho
Yasuo League of Legends Champion Splash Art

A Teamfight Tactics player has discovered an insane bug that completely breaks the Think Fast augment, giving players far more time with the free rerolls.

Teamfight Tactics is a rather complex game, you’ve got units, items, augments, traits, abilities, and more to account for whilst playing the game. In order to be a successful player, one must be able to factor in these various resources. However the most important of all is definitely the units. The premiere units all taken from League of Legends make up the army that players use to fight one another and are essential to victory.

These units are basically only obtainable through the shop, which offers players 5 different champions of varying rarities depending on the player’s level. Players can also refresh the shop with new units if they’d like at the cost of 2 gold, this is free in between rounds though. One augment completely removes the price of rerolling, however, and that’s the prismatic augment Think Fast.

Think Fast gives the player unlimited rerolls until the next round of combat begins. This means the player is free to spam the button and find whatever units they need. Of course, there’s still a level of RNG in this, however, but the unlimited amount of rerolls means players with high actions per minute can scroll through quickly and find the units before time runs out. But it appears a new bug has alleviated that pressure somewhat, as one particular TFT player found out.

TFT streamer SnubleTFT was playing a regular game of Teamfight Tactics. They were opting to run the duo carries of Kai’sa and Yasuo in a Challenger composition. Hitting level 7, they grabbed Think Fast as their augment, hoping to hit Kai’sa 2 and Yasuo 3 with fast button presses. Snuble was successful in grabbing a Kai’sa 2 and another Yasuo 2 but ended up not finding much more before the next player combat.

They did notice however that the reroll button was still highlighted with the cost listed as zero. Confused, they began rerolling and realized that it wasn’t costing any gold.

“Wait I can still roll? Is Think Fast bugged? Wait I can still roll, is this bug abusing? Any knowers?” The streamer hesitantly asked.

It’s uncertain if the augment itself is bugged or if it’s due to a combination of different factors, but Snuble was definitely not complaining when they were able to nearly hit a Yasuo 3 after only one round of entirely free rerolls.