TFT patch 11.20 notes: More reroll nerfs, second Radiant Armory added

TFT patch 11.20 notesRiot Games

TFT patch 11.20 is upon us and with the Reckoning Championship soon to be in the rearview mirror, Riot are getting all funny business with the updates. Crazy new Radiant Blessings are dropping, an extra Armory is coming, and plenty of balance changes are expected.

Riot loves giving each TFT set the perfect send-off with some crazy patches really dialing the mechanics to 11. In Galaxies, it was the Big Bang. In Fates, Riot went crazy with Fortune.

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Now in Reckoning, the gods will be shining down more Radiant armories and blessings for players.

It’s not all craziness ⁠— the devs are still trying to balance some OP comps and tackle the reroll problem. But who said you can’t have fun in ranked for the last couple of patches? Here’s what’s coming in TFT patch 11.20.


What’s coming in TFT patch 11.20?

Kalista, Vayne, Kha’Zix reroll once again nerfed

If there’s been a story of the meta during Set 5.5, it’s that reroll is back with vengeance. While buffs to four-star carries have brought somewhat of a balance back, Riot are still finetuning the meta as Reckoning comes to a close.

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The three most prominent one-cost reroll comps ⁠— Kalista, Vayne, and Kha’Zix ⁠— are all facing nerfs in TFT patch 11.20. Kalista’s AD scaling is being reduced, so too is Vayne’s base true damage on her Silver Bolts and Kha’Zix’s Taste Their Fear.

The nerfs are only a slight tune-down, so reroll comps won’t be going away. However, they’ll be more balanced around three and four-cost carries, especially with the likes of Nocturne receiving buffs.

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Kalista in League of LegendsRiot Games
Kalista reroll has been the most prevalent in Set 5.5.

Riot turns TFT “fun factor” to 11 with crazy Radiant Armory changes

The TFT Reckoning Championship is running across patch 11.19. You know what that means? 11.20 and 11.21 are going to be crazy updates with Riot sowing the seeds of chaos ahead of Set 6.

If you always wanted a second Radiant item (without Rasacl’s Gloves), then you’re in luck: A second Radiant Armory is coming. On top of the 3-6 shop, there’ll be a new armory at 5-1 with another choice of five Radiant items to choose from.

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Not only that, but Riot are buffing the rare drop rate of Radiant Blessings by double and adding some new potential boosts. Ever needed a few Forces of Nature to save your game? The most powerful of the lot will give you not one, not two, but three FONs.

Balance changes are also expected for Soraka, Brand, Miss Fortune, Nunu & Willump, and Akshan ⁠— and there’ll be more as the patch approaches.

Buffs for Abomination, Draconic, and Skirmisher have been floated in the patch highlights, but haven’t found their way onto the PBE. The same goes for nerfs to Forgotten, Sentinel, and problematic three-cost unit Yasuo.

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Also, an experimental new Little Legend scouting feature is in testing on the PBE. When you move to look at an opponent’s board, your Little Legend will follow you. This may or may not ship with the update, however.

You can find the complete TFT patch 11.20 notes below, courtesy of Riot.

TFT patch 11.20 notes




  • Pierce Attack Damage Scaling: 180/200/240% ⇒ 180/200/220%
  • Pierce Base Damage: 350/600/1000 ⇒ 350/600/900


  • Violent Tendencies 4th auto, Attack Damage scaling: 200% ⇒ 150%
  • Attack Damage: 65 ⇒ 60


  • Health: 650 ⇒ 700


  • Silver Bolts True Damage: 70/90/110 ⇒ 70/85/100
  • Attack Damage: 40 ⇒ 35


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  • Taste their Fear Damage: 250/350/500 ⇒ 250/350/450
  • Taste their Fear Isolation Damage: 750/1050/1500 ⇒ 750/1050/1350



  • Equinox Damage: 175/275/425 ⇒ 200/275/400


  • Attack Damage: 65 ⇒ 70


  • Sear Damage: 600/900/1500 ⇒ 650/950/1750



  • Umbra Blades base Damage: 80/90/100 ⇒ 100/100/100

Nunu & Willump

  • Consume Damage: 450/700/1750 ⇒ 450/700/1600



  • Max Mana nerf: 0/150 ⇒ 0/170


  • Attack Damage: 80 ⇒ 85


  • Mana buff: 50/125 ⇒ 60/120


  • Empowered Strike Attack Damage Scaling: 200/220/400 ⇒ 220/240/500%



  • Heroic Swing bonus Attack Speed: 70/85/400 ⇒ 60/70/400


  • Attack Damage: 80 ⇒ 85


  • 3-star Viego is now VERY powerful



  • Monstrosity Base Attack Damage: 70/80/100 ⇒ 70/90/110
  • Monstrosity Attack Damage Per Level: 7/8/10 ⇒ 7/9/11


  • Bonus Attack Damage & Ability Power per stack: 20/40/70/200 ⇒ 20/40/60/150


  • Attack Speed: 80/180/400% ⇒ 80/200/500%


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  • Bonus Attack Speed: 25/90/500% ⇒ 20/80/500%
  • Shield: 175/900/2000 ⇒ 175/800/2000


  • Bonus Attack Damage per second: 3/8/16 ⇒ 4/10/20

Draconic 3

  • Four turn egg chance: 2% ⇒ 4%
  • Average Value of Egg: 2.9g ⇒ 3.1g

Draconic 5

  • Five turn egg chance: 1% ⇒ 2%
  • Average Value of Egg: 6.8g ⇒ 7.3g
  • Added a new 5 turn egg possible drop of 1x Force of Nature, 2x Item Components, and 3x Heimerdingers. (20% chance inside the egg)


  • Attack Speed: 10/30/80/140% ⇒ 10/30/70/125%


  • Ability Power per Stack: 2/4/10 ⇒ 2/4/8


Radiant Quicksilver

  • Bonus Attack Speed: 40% ⇒ 45%

System Changes

  • All players now get a 2nd Radiant Armory at 5-1 (7-3 HR)
    • Can roll the same radiant item
    • Champs can wear multiple radiant items
  • Radiant Blessing Adjustments
    • Chance of getting a high quality drop: 10% ⇒ 18%
    • Added three new high quality very rare drops
      • Added VERY rare high quality drop of 8 Item Components (0.54% chance)
      • Added VERY rare high quality drop of 3x Force of Nature (0.18% chance)
      • Added VERY rare high quality drop of 2x Neekos Help + 20gold (0.18% chance)

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