TFT Patch 10.18 notes: Big Bang galaxy, Ezreal buffs, more

Star Guardian skins in TFT GalaxiesRiot Games

TFT Patch 10.18 is finally here. This update marks Galaxies’ last hurrah, with a final set of balance changes to Cassiopeia, Mordekaiser, and Ezreal, as well as a new Big Bang galaxy.

Galaxies has been the one and only set for Teamfight Tactics for six months now. Time really does fly sometimes. While the game has felt completely new since the Mid-Set update, it’s time to retire the set.

Patch 10.18 is supposed to be Galaxies’ final hurrah before TFT Fates, and let’s just say ⁠— it’s going out with a big bang. A new galaxy, aptly titled the Big Bang, is the headline act of the final Galaxies update, before TFT Fates drops on Patch 10.19 on September 16.

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New Big Bang galaxy, buffs to Cassiopeia, Mordekaiser, Ezreal

TFT Patch 10.18 doesn’t feature a lot of major changes. The new Big Bang galaxy is the major hallmark of the final update for Set 3. Players will be treated to one of their most game-changing battlefields yet.

In the Big Bang galaxy, players get a free reroll every round, a free Force of Nature at 3-1, and an orb on every minion and monster kill. The Big Bang galaxy will appear 20% of the time on Patch 10.18. It also replaces Dwarf Planet, so no more shrunken boards.

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Three champions are also getting buffs to help tweak the meta slightly ahead of TFT Worlds. Cassiopeia is getting more Spell Damage at all levels, while Ezreal and Mordekaiser are getting base attack damage and magic resist increases.

There’s a couple of bug fixes, too. Mech Pilots will no longer pop out early if they have Guardian Angel and are hit by an Urgot ultimate, while Hextech Gunblades will now generate the right amount of shields.

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Pulsefire Ezreal in TFT GalaxiesRiot Games
Ezreal is one of three champions getting buffed in TFT Patch 10.18.

Final update before TFT Fates

If you want to muck around with the Galaxies, be sure to do it sooner rather than later. On September 16, when Patch 10.19 drops, TFT Galaxies will be gone for good. Set 4, titled Fates, will be replacing it on live servers.

Fates will feature 58 new champions, an abundance of new traits and classes, and the all-new Chosen mechanic. It’ll be an entirely different experience to TFT Galaxies ⁠— which will be a breath of fresh air for players.

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You can find the full TFT Patch 10.18 notes below.

TFT Patch 10.18 notes


Tier 2


  • Magic resist: 35 > 40

Tier 3


  • Spell damage: 700/1500/3500 > 750/1600/4000


  • Attack damage: 50 > 55


  • New Galaxy: The Big Bang
    • Players receive a free reroll each round, a Force of Nature when Stage 3 begins, and loot orbs from all minions and monsters.
    • 20% chance to play on The Big Bang on Patch 10.18.
  • Dwarf Planet removed

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Mech Pilots would pop out early if the Mech had Guardian Angel and was killed by an Urgot.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple Hextech Gunblades wouldn’t generate extra shields

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