TFT Reckoning Championship: Stream, schedule, results, players

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The Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Reckoning Championship has crowned a winner. After five intense games on Day 4, China’s Huanmie emerged victorious after grabbing back-to-back wins to seal the deal.

Huanmie was the only player who returned from the TFT Fates Championship, and he didn’t let his opportunity slip this time around during the TFT Reckoning Championship.

After scraping through the Group Stage off the back of a clutch Round 5 win, he continued the momentum into the final day of play.

While he was challenged by Europe’s shircane and fellow Chinese player qituX, his dominant Legionnaire board was too much to handle for the rest of the lobby in the decisive Match 5 — thanks to the two Emblems he found along the way.

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TFT Reckoning Championship: Final placements

Placement Player Prize Money (USD)
1 Huanmie $44,500
2 qituX $28,000
3 DeliciousMilkGG $19,000
4 shircane $17,000
5 Escha $15,000
6 Zixingche $14,000
7 Sealcune Mbappe $13,000
8 nukomaru $12,000
9-10 gluteus maximus $10,000
11-12 woozzul $8,500
13-14 eusouolucas $7,500
15-16 ACKK $6,500
El Tomo
17 inc mplete $6,000
18 SpencerTFT
19 luili $5,500

TFT Reckoning Championship: Results

Day 1 (October 1): Oceania’s Escha wins the Play-In stage

Although he didn’t manage a single win all day, Escha’s consistency — with four top-4 finishes — netted him a breezy path to the Group Stage. The opposite could be said for Sealcune Mbappe, who went 8-1-8-1-1 across the five games to barely scrape in.

Japan’s nukomaru and Europe’s shircane also made it through to Groups, with the rest being sent home early.

Placement Player Points
1 Escha 28
2 nukomaru 27
3 shircane 26
4 Sealcune Mbappe 26
5 inc mplete 25
6 SpencerTFT 22
7 liuli 14
8 ZENIA 12

Day 2 (October 2): Shircane & Milk dominate Group A, Escha makes finals

Play-In stars shircane and Escha once again shone on Day 2, both comfortably finishing above the cut to push through to finals. NA hopeful Milk forced his way to the top with plenty of Kled, while China’s Zixingche rounded out the first four finalists.

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Placement Player Points
1 shircane 28
2 DeliciousMilkGG 28
3 Escha 26
4 Zixingche 25
5 gluteus maximus 23
6 woozzul 19
7 eusouolucas 16
8 ACKK 15

Day 3 (October 3): Korea, Robinsongz misses out on final day

All three of Korea’s representatives have missed out on the TFT Reckoning Championship grand final with ddudu falling two points short of qualifying. NA’s Robinsongz, who qualified with five wins in six games in NA, also missed out after finishing in sixth.

Sealcune Mbappe and nukomaru continued their strong form after Play-Ins, with China’s qituX and Huanmie edging their way into the final.

Placement Player Points
1 Sealcune Mbappe 26
2 nukomaru 26
3 qituX 25
4 Huanmie 25
5 ddudu 23
6 Robinsongz 22
7 skipaeus 19
8 El Tomo 14

Day 4 (October 4): China’s Huanmie takes home TFT Reckoning Championship

After coming fourth in Group B, Huanmie dominated the final day to take home the title. Winning back-to-back games in Match 4 and 5, Huanmie transformed a massive 8 Legionnaire board with three-star Riven and Nidalee to win China’s first major TFT trophy.

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Placement Player Points
1 Huanmie 31
2 qituX 30
3 DeliciousMilkGG 27
4 shircane 27
5 Escha 25
6 Zixingche 20
7 Sealcune Mbappe 19
8 nukomaru 16

Results TBD. Games start at 2AM PT / 5AM ET / 10AM BST.

TFT Reckoning Championship: Qualified players

20 players from across the world competed in the TFT Reckoning Championship.

Plenty of new players will be aiming to be crowned Set 5 champions, with few returning from the Fates Championship — in fact, only Huanmie from China is returning.

Korean champion 8ljaywalking won’t be in the mix, and neither will some of Europe’s top players like ZyK0o and Lallana, as well as NA’s RamKev.

Region Player
China qituX
China Zixingche
China Huanmie
China luili
EMEA shircane
EMEA gluteus maximus
EMEA skipaeus
NA Robinsongz
NA DeliciousMilkGG
NA SpencerTFT
Korea woozzul
Korea ddudu
Brazil eusouolucas
Brazil inc mplete
Latin America El Tomo
Latin America Sealcune Mbappe
Japan nukomaru
Oceania Escha