Riot Games fully unveil upcoming League of Legends champion Qiyana

Alan Bernal

League of Legends players got their full look at the 145th champion coming to the Rift when Riot Games released Qiyana’s full reveal trailer on June 7.

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In a previous Champion Roadmap, the developers said there was going to be a new solo-laning assassin coming to the game, and their latest video didn’t disappoint as it featured an incredibly dynamic character.

The company has been on a roll with releasing champions that bring a unique twist to the game. Recent highlights include Yuumi – who literally gets carried by teammates – and Sylas, who can replicate anyone’s ultimate, just to name a few.

Riot GamesQiyana is going to have a ton of tools to catch people out and nab quick kills.
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Qiyana’s abilities changes with the elements

That trend doesn’t look like it’s stopping since they showed off Qiyana and how she’ll be able to fight, along with various elemental aspects of the Rift when she releases soon.

Her Passive is called ‘Royal Privilege’ that simply deals bonus damage when you hit a champ with an auto attack or ability. The passive has a cooldown that resets after “drawing a new element.”

Her Q is called Edge of Ixtal that slashes the ground using her weapon. If her weapon has an element activated when using her Q, it will also launch forward as a projectile and explode.

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Similarly, different elements give her Q a twist: the River element roots opponents on hit, the Wall element deals bonus damage to low health opponents, and Brush gives Qiyana a “stealth trail that gives movement speed.”

Along with the rest of her kit, there’s always a twist with her abilities incorporating the elements. Her W is called Terrashape which is a simple dash, but if an element is targeted she gains its power. She gets more movement speed near her newly acquired element as well as attack speed and bonus damage.

Qiyana’s E is called Audacity and is a pure gap-closer as she dashed a “fixed distance” toward her target and dealing damage.

Riot GamesQiyana’s R is going to be able to create massive chaos really fast.

Now her R, Supreme Display of Talent, looks devastating as she makes a shockwave that knocks back enemies. However, if it hits any river, brush or wall, then it creates an explosion that deals damage and stuns enemies.

Riot Games is releasing a champion that seems to be relatively straightforward, but the underlying mechanic with elements gives Qiyana a ton of depth in teamfights and 1v1’s.

It’ll be interesting to see how players, especially in the pro level, use her kit to create incredible plays when Riot Games brings Qiyana to the Rift.

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