Dignitas complete merger with Clutch Gaming, return to LCS


Fans missing the good old days of the League of Legends Championship Series will be happy to hear that they’ll soon see the familiar Dignitas name hanging from the rafters at the LCS Studio.

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For months, there have been rumblings that Dignitas and parent company Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE) were making a play to get back into the LCS, and the greater esports landscape through Clutch Gaming.

While there was a deafening silence on the official news front for longtime fans, supporters will be happy to hear that the Black and Yellow will be strongly represented in North America’s pro LoL league very soon.

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LoL EsportsClutch Gaming hasn’t had a terrific run in the LCS so far, but hopefully a new look and culture will revitalize the org in big ways.
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In a June 6 announcement, Dignitas CEO Michael ‘Prindi’ Prindiville gave the final word on his team’s return as it pertains to the LCS stage, while giving an update for what will become of Clutch Gaming.

“Dignitas and Clutch Gaming are merging,” Prindi said in an interview with Travis Gafford. “Essentially we now will be helping run and operate that LCS team… League rules require that it stays Clutch Gaming for 2019. In 2020 it will become Dignitas.”

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In Prindi’s vision, the reach of both organizations will hopefully come together to create a harmoniously united front for fans to get behind: “We’re really excited about our geographic presence. We got New York, we’ve got L.A., we’ve got Houston. We’re excited about unifying the fans of Clutch now, and the fans of Dignitas in the past.”

The Dignitas CEO is amped for what this “updated” era for the classic org will bring, as they look to be a competitive group while also building “a global gaming-centric new media and entertainment company.”

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“I’m tired of seeing the same people win.”

Old school Dignitas fans might remember their team for being scrappy and definitely one of the more exciting groups to watch on the stage. Now Prindi and co will look toward replicating that kind of magic in the new era.

“We want to be that brand that comes in and produces content that is engaging that brings in the old fans, brings in the new fans, that has fun. But at the same time we can always challenge. One thing I’m a little bit tired of is seeing the same people win.”

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While the current iteration of the team has struggled in recent Splits, Prendi isn’t looking to get “9th and 10th place,” rather “challenge for titles” in a stacked league.

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