League players discover “S-tier” champion dominating in three different roles

Declan Mclaughlin

League of Legends players have discovered that one champion has been dominating in three different roles so far in Season 14.

Season 14 has proven difficult for Riot Games to balance at the season’s onset, as players have optimized the item system and champion changes quickly. The developer has had to squash the double support item and even revert a buff to one champion hours after it was implemented.

However, there are still champions and items that slip through the cracks and aren’t addressed as fast as possible thanks to the data lagging behind their actual power.

League players have shifted through the data on one of the top build sites and discovered that one champion is dominating the game across three different roles.

Twisted Fate dominating top, mid, and ADC

Twisted Fate has been a big beneficiary of the massive changes that came with Season 14, and that has shown out in his recent win rates across top, mid, and ADC.

Thanks to the terrain changes, the top lane is now a haven for ranged champions. Twisted Fate top was already a fringe pick and thanks to the new security, he is now a mainstay at the position. As for mid and ADC, thanks to the item changes giving AP and attack speed champions more burst, he has risen to the top of win rates.

League players have discovered his power through his high win rates and have taken to social media to express their frustration.

“It’s about time to drop some nerfs on him,” a post on the League of Legends subreddit said.

Multiple players said that Twisted Fate is due for a nerf and that Riot should address his AD and AP scaling.

“The AD build is just pretty bonkers, and the changes helped his AP build also which was already strong, but closer to a balanced state,” one player said.

Whether Twisted Fate’s power levels will be addressed by Riot in the coming patches remains to be seen as the developer might have bigger fish to fry, according to the recent patch 14.4 preview.