Riot briefly disables League ranked play after critical bug deletes Patch 13.1B on live servers

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League of Legends Patch 13.1B was briefly rolled back after Riot found a critical bug within the game, forcing the disabling of ranked queues.

Riot’s most recent patch for League of Legends has been fantastic, with massive buffs to ADCs, fighter item changes, and the destruction of Yuumi. Patch 13.1B has easily been one of the best times to be playing the MOBA in recent history.

Unfortunately, only two weeks after the release of the patch, a critical bug was found, causing Riot to roll back the update, whilst also temporarily disabling all ranked queues in the process.

This meant that all of the changes made throughout Patch 13.1B had completely vanished from the game. From the buffs, nerfs, and changes, everything that was Patch 13.1B disappeared without a trace from the live servers.

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Riot was able to implement a fix shortly after the game was rolled back, showcasing the hard work of the team, and allowing the servers to return back to the current patch.

Due to the critical bug, they had to briefly disable all ranked queues for the flagship MOBA, which prevented players from being able to hop back on the grind.

It appears that League players however weren’t too surprised with the patch being suddenly removed, as it’s something they’ve grown accustomed to.

League YouTuber Vandiril originally reported the strange occurrence on their video earlier today, and players took to the comments to roast Riot, claiming that this was “nothing they couldn’t expect from Riot” and called it a “certified Riot Moment”.

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Riot was swift in the response to the bug that originally broke patch 13.1B, fixing it in about an hour or so. Unfortunately, this means for any time travelers who wanted to experience the older League only had a limited time to do so.

Riot is yet to clarify exactly what caused the devastating issue, but we’ll be sure to update you here should any further details emerge.