LoL Rise of the Sentinels event guide: Ruination skins, missions, rewards

LoL Rise of the Sentinels eventRiot Games

The biggest event in League of Legends ⁠— and possibly Riot Games history ⁠— is finally here. The Sentinels of Light have arrived to push away the Ruination in the Rise of the Sentinels event, and it’s set to take Summoner’s Rift by storm.

Who will prevail: The Sentinels of Light or the Ruination? You can dictate the future of Runeterra in League’s upcoming in-game event, Rise of the Sentinels.

The major event is part of Viego’s storyline, which is reaching its end with the imminent launch of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

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It’s set to be one of the biggest in League of Legends history, and one not to be missed. We’ve got all the details right here.

When does the Rise of the Sentinels event start?

The Rise of the Sentinels event starts on July 8, when League of Legends patch 11.14 launches.

The Sentinels of Light crossover will also be rolling out across Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, and Wild Rift.

Here are the release dates for each of the in-game events:

  • Valorant: July 8
  • Wild Rift: July 8
  • TFT: July 21
  • Legends of Runeterra: July 14

Sentinel & Ruined skins coming in LoL patch 11.14

Some League of Legends champions have been corrupted by the black mist plaguing Runeterra, while others are fighting to keep it back. Diana, Irelia, Olaf, Riven, and Vayne are all getting new Sentinel skins, piercing the darkness with light weapons and clean fits.

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The garments all feature stark contrasts between white, black, and gold, fitting alongside the themes of Sentinel of Light champions Lucian, Senna, and Akshan.

Sentinel Irelia LoLRiot Games
Irelia is joining the Sentinels of Light to fight back the Ruination and help save Karma.

Pantheon, however, wasn’t so fortunate.

The Unbreakable Spear has joined the Ruination with a new Ruined skin in the same vein as Draven, Karma, and Shyvana earlier in 2021. He will also be receiving a Prestige skin through the event.

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These aren’t the only Sentinel skins hitting the Rift, as Sentinel Graves, Sentinel Pyke, and Sentinel Rengar will be released on July 22. Ruined Miss Fortune will also be released on the same date.

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Unbound Thresh is a new skin for the Chain Warden, and will be released as an event shop exclusive for its initial launch on July 29.

Graves SentinelRiot Games
Graves dons a white outfit and a bright shotgun in his newest skin.

New “Ultimate Spellbook” game mode

New skins aren’t the only thing arriving during the Rise of the Sentinels event. League’s first unique game mode in quite some time is dropping on patch 11.14 when Ultimate Spellbook hits live servers.

After being in PBE testing for around a month, the new game mode gives you the chance to steal another champion’s ultimate to boost you up for the rest of the game. From Mundo’s walking around with Cho’Gath ultimate, to Lissandra ultimate’s galore, all 154 champions can be just like Sylas.

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The mode will stick around for the length of the Rise of the Sentinels event.

LoL Ruination map skin baron nashorRiot Games
Even Baron Nashor couldn’t resist the Black Mist.

Rise of the Sentinels missions

Rise of the Sentinels will provide an in-client story experience through the eyes of a rookie member of the Sentinels. Players will recruit allies to battle against Viego. The missions will be released in weekly chapters as players will complete missions to progress through the story.

The Rise of the Sentinels story will be free to play and runs until August 10.

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Week 3 missions

Mission Sentinel Combo Objective Points
Merciful Warrior Riven (A) + Irelia (A) Most Assists on Your Team 25
Tormented Fighter Riven (A) + Diana (A) Most Gold on Your Team 25
Spiteful Vanguard Olaf (A) + Irelia (A) Most Kills on Your Team 25
Cunning Berserker Olaf (A) + Diana (A) Highest Creep Score on Your Team 25

Week 4 missions

Mission Sentinel Combo Objective Points
Grim Hunt Riven (B) + Irelia (B) + Rengar (A) Get a kill streak of Godlike or better 50
Decisive Assault Riven (B) + Diana (B) + Rengar (A) Get First Blood (Assists do not count) 70
Depths of Rage Olaf (B) + Irelia (B) + Pyke (A) Win a game having dealt at least 28,000 damage to champions 50
Inner Darkness Olaf (B) + Diana (B) + Pyke (A) As a team, have a higher CC score than the enemy team 40
Deadly Presence Riven (B) + Irelia (B) + Pyke (A) Earn a Quadra Kill or better 50
Ebbing Blade Riven (B) + Diana (B) + Pyke (A) Takedown each enemy champion at least once 50
Brutal Bash Olaf (B) + Irelia (B) + Rengar (A) Deal more damage to champs than you took 40
Wild Ambush Olaf (B) + Diana (B) + Rengar (A) Win a game in a premade group of 3 or more total players (2 Friends) 30
Ruined Pantheon LoLRiot Games
Pantheon will be getting a Prestige skin in the Rise of the Sentinels event.

Rise of the Sentinels rewards

As for rewards, we already know Prestige Ruined Pantheon is going to be part of the festivities. However, with these major events, players can typically get their hands on plenty of in-game goodies like chromas, loading screen borders, and more.

Here’s all the details on specific Sentinels rewards you unlock during the LoL event.

Region Tier # (Required Points): Reward
(Week 1)
Tier 1 (30): 5 Tokens
Tier 2 (60): Sentinels Event Icon + Sentinel Senna Emote
Tier 3 (90): The Night Hunter Sentinel Icon
Tier 4 (120): 10 Tokens
Tier 5 (150): 10 Tokens
Tier 6 (180): 10 Tokens
Tier 7 (210): Sentinel Vayne Emote
(Week 1)
Tier 1 (65): 10 Tokens
Tier 2 (135): The Exile Sentinel Icon
Tier 3 (210): 10 Tokens
Tier 4 (280): Sentinel Riven Emote
(Week 1)
Tier 1 (65): 10 Tokens
Tier 2 (135): The Berserker Sentinel Icon
Tier 3 (210): 10 Tokens
Tier 4 (280): Sentinel Olaf Emote
(Week 2)
Eternals Capsule
Tier 1 (250) A: 10 Tokens
B: 20 Tokens
Tier 2 (510): The Moon Sentinel Icon
Tier 3 (830) A: 15 Tokens
B: 20 Tokens
Tier 4 (1050): Sentinel Diana Emote
(Week 2)
Tier 1 (250) A: 10 Tokens
B: 20 Tokens
Tier 2 (510): The Blade Dancer Sentinel Icon
Tier 3 (830) A: 15 Tokens
B: 20 Tokens
Tier 4 (1050): Sentinel Irelia Emote
Piltover / Zaun
(Week 3)
Sentinels Orb
Tier 1 (650): Graves Icon
Tier 2 (1220): 10 Tokens
Tier 3 (1890): 15 Tokens
Tier 4 (2500): Sentinel Graves Emote
(Week 3)
Tier 1 (815): 10 Tokens
Tier 2 (1520): Rengar Icon
Tier 3 (2045): 15 Tokens
Tier 4 (2615):Sentinel Rengar Emote
(Week 3)
Tier 1 (815): 10 Tokens
Tier 2 (1520): 15 Tokens
Tier 3 (2045): Pyke Icon
Tier 4 (2615): Sentinel Pyke Emote
(Week 4)
Akshan Icon
Tier 1 (895): 10 Tokens
Tier 2 (1790): 10 Tokens
Tier 3 (2450): 10 Tokens
Tier 4 (3000): Sentinel Akshan Emote
Shadow Isles
(Week 4)
Tier 1 (1050): 10 Tokens
Tier 2 (1910): 10 Tokens
Tier 3 (2610): 10 Tokens
Tier 4 (3200): 15 Tokens + Viego Undone Emote
Sentinels of Light puzzle LoLRiot Games
Good luck solving Viego’s puzzle!

How to solve Sentinels of Light event puzzle

To get ready for the Rise of the Sentinels, Riot put out a puzzle based around Viego. If you haven’t been able to solve the riddle, we’ve got you covered.

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  1. Click the hand on Viego’s portrait on the left of the picture. You should be taken to the next page where a golden music box plays a tune.
  2. Once the music box finishes, a text box should appear. Type ->8->8->8->8 into the box. This is a code on Gwen’s champion biography page.
  3. A “Welcome Sentinel” text box should appear on the next page. Type Akshan, the name of the next champion, and hit enter to complete the puzzle.

As for the puzzle reward, we’ll keep it a secret!