New League Prestige skins for Soraka and Yasuo leaked in Patch 10.14

Andrew Amos

Waiting for your favourite champion in League of Legends to get a Prestige skin? If you’re a Yasuo or Soraka main, you’re in luck. The Unforgiven and the Starchild are both due for the special variants in Season 10.

The Prestige skins in League are just that: prestigious. The white and gold variants are much adored by players, with many putting in hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to collect them all.

Two more champions will be joining the Prestige club soon, with leaks hinting towards a few more skins coming in Season 10.

Star Guardian Soraka in League of Legends
Soraka is set to receive her first Prestige skin in Season 10.

Code strings hinting at new Prestige skins were added to League Patch 10.14, hidden in the PBE files. Two champions were named: Soraka and Yasuo.

Soraka and Yasuo are yet to receive Prestige skins. While they are two of League’s most popular champions, Riot hasn’t found a suitable time to release Prestige skins for them until now.

It’s not yet known what skin lines the two champions will receive their Prestige skins for, or whether they’ll be part of an event or not.

With the summer event just around the corner, it’s likely one of them will be included as an event-specific Prestige skin. If so, they’ll be a bit easier to obtain, as long as you buy the event pass.

Before Soraka and Yasuo though, there’s one Prestige skin to come. Arcanist Zoe will be released on Patch 10.14, available for 100 Prestige Points in the special in game shop.

Arcanist Zoe Prestige Edition for League of Legends
Arcanist Zoe Prestige Edition will be available when League Patch 10.14 hits live servers.

The skin is one of four joining the collection. Kog’Maw, Shaco, and a regular Zoe skin will also be added. They’ll be available for 1350 RP in the in game shop.

Since their release in 2018, 22 champions have received Prestige skins. In 2020, Garen, Senna, Zyra, Lucian, and Malphite have had the white and gold variants bestowed on them.

Riot has been releasing them at around one per month, so expect a few more champions to pop up as Season 10 draws to a close.