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League of Legends leak teases jungler Lillia as next Season 10 champion

Published: 29/Jun/2020 7:36 Updated: 1/Jul/2020 3:07

by Andrew Amos


League of Legends players should get ready for the next Season 10 champion’s debut: new datamined leaks and PBE teasers are pointing to long-teased jungler Lillia finally arriving in Riot’s popular MOBA in the coming weeks.

The secret is out ⁠— we have a name for the next champion in League of Legends. Lillia, or Lily, has been leaked as the “dreamy jungler” players have heard about since January, and her release is just around the corner.

The information comes after assets associated with Lillia were added to the PBE during the Patch 10.14 cycle. Two voicelines were uncovered ⁠— although they didn’t sound like the jungler players were expecting.


“They took your home, Lillia. Do not forget this loss. Let it course through you,” said one of the lines, in a tone similar to Thresh’s.

“Poor lost spirits beckoning in to bloom…I’ve been waiting for you,” was the other, in the same ominous tone.


On top of that, a Lotus flower icon was added as part of the “big summer event” Lillia is due to be released during. This ties into the Ionian theme of the champion most players have been expecting.

The first leak means that there’s likely to be more on the way during the Patch 10.14 cycle. More things could be uncovered this week coming in the lead-up to the update’s June 8 release.


Lillia has been described in previous Champion Roadmaps as “a mid-range skirmisher, frolicking in and out of the fray.”

There isn’t any gameplay footage out there of her yet ⁠— outside of a short clip shared during the last champion roadmap in early June. However, that was relatively vague, showing either an ability or Lillia curled up into a ball rolling across the map.

Riot Games
Lillia has been teased numerous times before, including in this Ionia background art.

What we do know for sure is that she’s going to be part of a “big summer event” featuring not one, but two champions. The other is a “masked assassin who refuses to die,” which many players have hypothesized is a link to Yone, Yasuo’s brother.


Given the hype around the event, it’s also fair to assume that plenty of rewards will be on offer, and maybe a few special skins. After all, it’s League’s 10 year anniversary in 2020, and this will likely cap off the celebrations.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about Lillia, or Lily, in the coming days. As always, we will share what we know here on Dexerto as soon as it comes up.