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First look at LoL x Louis Vuitton True Damage Senna Prestige skin

Published: 21/Jan/2020 23:17

by Andrew Amos


Three months after hip-hop group True Damage’s debut, Senna is receiving her Prestige skin in Riot’s latest collaboration with high-end fashion designer Louis Vuitton for League of Legends.

The Louis Vuitton collaboration in League of Legends has been a major hit. From the True Damage Qiyana Prestige skin in-game, to the in-real-life capsule collection with a selection of high-end clothes inspired by the band, League has never looked more luxurious.

After being initially revealed at Worlds 2019, fans have now been given a glimpse at the final planned endeavor in Riot’s partnership with the high-end fashion designer with True Damage Senna Prestige edition.


True Damage Senna Prestige Edition skin in League of Legends
Twitter: League of Legends
True Damage Senna’s Prestige skin has been revealed, and should be released in the coming weeks.

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Riot posted a preview of the skin on the League of Legends twitter on January 21, showing off Senna’s new golden visuals as well as her recall animation. The Prestige skin adds a dazzling glow to her recall, as well as the Louis Vuitton trademark flower emblazoned under her feet.

The clean design is also a stark contrast to her original True Damage skin. With white and gold popping as the predominant colors, the Prestige edition features a full length jacket, shorts, and thigh-highs that extend right from her golden kicks.

Her weapon has also received the LV treatment, with the company’s logo front and center instead of the True Damage cross. There’s also a charm hanging off the handle of Senna’s massive cannon for just a bit of extra bling.


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Senna’s skin is the second Prestige cosmetic to be revealed in 2020 after Mecha Kingdoms Garen was released on January 15. Malphite, Lucian, Zyra, and Zoe are next in line to get their own special releases in the Prestige collection.

Like all other Prestige skins, True Damage Senna will set players back 100 2020 Prestige Points. If you have 2019 Prestige Points laying around, you will not be able to use them for True Damage Senna Prestige.

You will have to buy Prestige Points from the Mecha Kingdoms in-game shop for 2200 tokens, or in bundles with Masterwork Chests in the regular shop.


League of Legends Prestige Point Shop 2020
Riot Games
True Damage Senna will be available in the Prestige Point Shop for 100 tokens once it’s released.

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Riot also gave fans a sneak peek at this year’s Valentine’s Day skins for Jinx and Yuumi, both in the Heartseeker skinline. Jinx’s traps bite their foes with love, while Yuumi’s animations have also been given the romantic treatment, down to a little love heart for her Zoomies heal.

There’s no confirmed date for the release of True Damage Senna, or Heartseeker Jinx and Yuumi, but it should just be around the corner.

With the release of Patch 10.2 earlier on January 21, it’s likely all three skins could be added to the PBE during the Patch 10.3 cycle, ready for release on February 5.