League of Legends gets massive Arena mode overhaul in Season 2024

Declan Mclaughlin
League of Legends 2v2 arena

Riot Games has released information about what changes and improvements are coming to League of Legends in 2024, including Arena mode.

League of Legends is going to get some massive changes in 2024 as Riot Games has announced that it is tweaking everything from the item system, adding an anti-cheat and Arena mode.

So far, the 2v2v2v2 mode has been a hit with the League of Legends player base as fans have come up with wacky champion combinations to show off their skills.

With the newly revealed changes for Arena mode in 2024, players will now be able to fight even more opponents and have more clarity around the gameplay.

League of Legends Arena mode adding more players in 2024

Riot Games released its roadmap for the next year and showcased what changes it aims to make to the game mode. First, the developer said that Arena will return in the first half of the year.

Next, Riot said it will increase the number of teams in the mode from four to eight. This will make each match feature 16 players, which is the most players allowed into one match in any League of Legends mode, so far. The next closest is Hexakill, which featured 12 players at one time.

Arena gameplay.

Lastly, Riot said it will make some user interface changes in the mode to help players see the field of play and interact with the game more smoothly. The mode will also have new Augments, maps, and “other improvements” later on in 2024.

Outside of Arena mode, Riot said URF and One-For-All will also be returning in 2024 along with a new mode that has not been seen before.

The League of Legends developer did not give any solid dates for Arena’s re-introduction to the client, but fans should expect to play the mode before the summer.