League devs finally provide update on Skarner rework release date

Declan Mclaughlin

Riot Games released a dev update lacking information about the coming Skarner rework; however, the developers quickly responded to public outcry and said the planned upgrade is on the way soon.

Skarner has been in a rough spot for a while and was voted in a Season 12 poll by players to receive a rework and visual upgrade. So far, fans have seen almost everything coming with the new Skarner, but have not been able to test it out in-game.

The rework was already delayed once in 2023, and was feared to have been impacted by the recent Riot layoffs, but is still on track to come out in the first half of 2024. Fans were again spooked about the update being pushed back when Riot released a dev update on February 29, 2024, and did not address Skarner’s release.

Jeremy ‘Brightmoon’ Lee, who is the outgoing executive producer on League of Legends, assured fans on Reddit the rework remains on track.

Skarner rework coming soon

The EP said on the game’s forum that the new Skarner will hit the PBE sooner than some fans might realize.

“I was worried we talk about Skarner TOO much but in retrospect I was wrong. Skarner will be on PBE in a matter of weeks not months so hang in there,” Lee said.

Given the vague timetable previously given by Riot, fans were happy to hear that the delayed rework is in sight.

This will be Skarner’s second rework since his 2011 release. The champion has struggled to find a consistent spot in the game’s meta, as its core design is less loaded than champions released even a few years into the game’s life.

How fans will receive the changes, or how powerful the champion will be on release, has yet to be seen.

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