LoL devs announce new Quick Play mode to replace Blind Pick

League of Legends developer Pu Liu and SamiraLeague of Legends, Twitter: League of Legends

Among the multitude of new features and updates just confirmed by the LoL developers is a brand new Quick Play mode.

A new Dev Update from League of Legends provided interesting news regarding the upcoming Skarner VGU, and some less-dramatic changes to the kits of champions like Rell, Ivern, and Neeko.

Beyond these new champion updates, the developers also discussed new initiatives with regards to skins (including bringing Wild Rift skins over to LoL) and the update to the Blue Essence Emporium.

But one of the developers, Pu Liu, also discussed a new initiative that should appeal to players of all skill levels – even ones not looking to dive into the competitive modes.

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LoL announces new Quick Play mode

In the update, Liu mentions that the Blind Pick game mode has become League of Legends’ least-played game mode, so the dev team has begun to experiment with ways to improve the experience for players who want to be able to jump into a game of LoL without going through the draft phase.

To that end, Riot has announced a new game mode called Quick Play, which will allow players to choose the role and champion that they would like to play.

Liu compared the new Quick Play mode to the Teambuilder mode that was active from Season 4 through Season 6.

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In Teambuilder, players had the ability to declare the role and champion that they would be playing in the upcoming game. One player was designated the leader of the lobby and would have the option to accept or decline the player.

It’s not clear whether a similar form of control would be available to in the new Quick Play mode, players are already thrilled with the prospect of being able to get into games more quickly.