Everything we know about Ivern’s LoL rework: New abilities, release date & more

Ivern rework coming to LoLRiot Games

Ivern is the next League of Legends champion up for a mid-scope as revealed in a Riot dev blog. It’ll likely be a while until we see him hit live servers, but Riot have released some early details about what we can expect from his rework.

It’s fair to say Ivern has one of the most unique kits in League of Legends, with his overall theme as someone in-tune with nature being reflected with him being required to befriend jungle camps rather than killing them.

And, while he was designed to be a jungler, players have had a difficult time finding out where to put him. He’s seen some fringe play in both pro and casual play as a top laner, mid laner, and support but his overall play rate of around 0.8% means that he certainly isn’t a popular pick.

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So, Riot have revealed that they intend to release a mid-scope update for the champion with a focus on making Daisy a more integral part of his kit.

What’s changing in Ivern’s League of Legends rework?

Ivern is, at the end of the day, an enchanter. He has much more focus on giving melee champions a way to get on top of the enemy and dive than other champions in his role, and was designed to be played in the jungle rather than as a support.

However, due to his jungle clearing mechanic of befriending champs, he can be pretty easily pressured out of the jungle and invaded if he doesn’t have Smite up. This, combined with his reliance on teammates to do a large portion of the damage for him, has made him understandably unpopular.

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While we don’t yet know if his methods of clearing camps and getting farm will change, he has been confirmed for a mid-scope in a Riot dev update.

It’s yet unclear what exactly they’ll be reworking about him, but we did get a few small details from a Riot dev blog discussing a few of the upcoming mid-scopes.

Ivern’s mid-scope is described as “mostly focusing on Daisy”, which is his ultimate ability. It exists as a massive golem that occasionally knocks up enemies and acts as a solid delivery system for the damage on Ivern’s E, but doesn’t do much else.

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Is there an Ivern mid-scope update release date in League of Legends?

Currently, the Ivern mid-scope update doesn’t have a release date. It is safe to assume, however, that he’s going to get updated after Rell and Neeko. Neeko’s kit is already locked in according to Riot’s developers, with her getting delayed due to some tech issues with her new abilities. Rell’s rework is also well underway, with her new Q and some details about her dismount mechanic being revealed already.

Something could change with the release schedule like what we saw with Yuumi’s rework getting pushed ahead, but it’s likely that Ivern will be the third in line here.

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