Ivern midscope update: Abilities, release date, revised 13.11 changes

Ivern rework coming to LoLRiot Games

Ivern’s midscope is coming soon, and it’s hard to say what it’ll actually be like despite being so close to release. The initial set of changes wasn’t well received by longtime Ivern players, leading to his update getting delayed so they can make some adjustments. Those adjustments have since been revealed.

It’s fair to say Ivern has one of the most unique kits in League of Legends, with his overall theme as someone in-tune with nature being reflected with him being required to befriend jungle camps rather than killing them.

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And, while he was designed to be a jungler, players have had a difficult time finding out where to put him. He’s seen some fringe play in both pro and casual play as a top laner, mid laner, and support but his overall play rate of around 0.6% means that he certainly isn’t a popular pick.

Riot made an attempt at making Ivern more effective as an Enchanter by buffing some parts of his kit and nerfing others in his midscope update, but, due to near-universal community backlash, Ivern has been delayed and has had his changes revised.

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What’s changing in Ivern’s League of Legends rework?

Ivern is, at the end of the day, an enchanter. He has much more focus on giving melee champions a way to get on top of the enemy and dive than other champions in his role, and was designed to be played in the jungle rather than as a support.

However, due to his jungle clearing mechanic of befriending champs, he can be pretty easily pressured out of the jungle and invaded if he doesn’t have Smite up. This, combined with his reliance on teammates to do a large portion of the damage for him, has made him understandably unpopular.

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He was confirmed for a mid-scope in a Riot dev update a while back without many details given at the time.

Now, hot off of Neeko’s midscope update releasing, Ivern’s midscope was dropped on the PBE without much warning with the full set of changes. Here’s the full set of changes for 13.10 before the delay of Ivern’s midscope update was announced.

Passive: Friend of the Forest

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  • Grove base health cost: 98.25 >>> 131
  • Grove base mana cost: 90 >>> 113
  • Growth time lvl 1: 40 >>> 50
  • Can still Smite camps to instantly clear them, but buff sharing has been removed

W: Brushmaker

  • [NEW] Allies now gain on-hit magic damage from within Ivern’s bushes
  • Ally magic damage bonus: 5-15 (+10% AP), persists for 1.5 seconds
  • [NEW] Brust disappears once Ivern’s team lose vision within it, but now has a duration of up to 60 seconds instead of 30. Bushes reveal area for 8 seconds
  • Recharge: 40-24 seconds >>> 20 seconds flat

E: Triggerseed

  • Shield amount: 80-220 (+70% AP) >>> 80-220 (+75% AP)
  • Shield burst damage: 70-150 (+80% AP) >>> 60-140 (+70% AP)
  • [NEW] If Triggerseed detonates and no enemy champions are hit, the ally will be shielded for 80-220 (+75% AP) for 2 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 11-7 seconds >>> 12-8 seconds

R: Daisy!

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  • [NEW] Does damage on arrival, knocking up enemies hit for .75 seconds and dealing 90-130 damage (+20% AP) in an AoE.
  • [NEW] Daisy can be cast on targets rooted by Rootcaller at any range.
  • Removed bonus movement speed for Daisy the first 5 seconds after spawning
  • Daisy AD: 70/100/170 (+30% AP) >>> Base slam damage 40-80 with Daisy’s AD being 55 base (+10% AP)

Ivern’s proposed changes saw him being buffed in many ways, particularly when it comes to keeping backline targets alive and working around ADCs, as well as giving Daisy a knockup upon activation. However, he was also nerfed in many ways as well like Daisy doing less damage, his jungle clear being worse, and Triggerseed doing a bit less damage in exchange for the second shield proc.

Players spoke out against these changes and were unhappy with the direction Riot decided to take, which has led to the team ultimately delaying Ivern’s midscope update to patch 13.11. The above changes are updated, with many of Ivern’s nerfs being reverted, but also some of his new strengths being pared back. Daisy’s knockup being removed from the final version of the midscope has certainly rubbed players the wrong way, and it goes against what Ivern’s midscope was originally pitched to do: Focus on Ivern’s ultimate.

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Is there an Ivern midscope update release date in League of Legends?

With Ivern currently available on the PBE, it’s very likely that he releases on League of Legends patch 13.11. According to Riot’s patch release schedule, the release date for Ivern’s midscope should be May 31, 2022.

That said, that release assumes everything goes smoothly. With Ivern’s midscope update already getting delayed once as it is, this release date is still subject to change.