Neeko’s LoL rework delayed due to having “many more bugs” than other champions

Star Guardian Neeko in League of LegendsRiot Games

Neeko is next in line for a League of Legends rework ⁠— one of the patented mid-scope updates ⁠— but the Curious Chameleon is still under the microscope. Its release has been slightly delayed as Riot finalizes its changes to the strong tomato ahead of Season 13.

Riot is churning out the mid-scope updates in League of Legends alongside new champion releases, reinvigorating the game’s roster. Yuumi’s recent mid-scope hasn’t exactly been a smash hit with the community, but most mid scopes like those of Jax and Syndra hit their mark.

The latter hasn’t really found a place in the League of Legends meta. While Neeko has fleeted in and out as a mid lane mage and a support, her deceiving clones don’t really live up to their intention, and the rest of her kit falls flat between a mix of hard-to-use utility and damage styles.

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What’s changing in Neeko’s League of Legends rework?

Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko in TFT FatesRiot Games

Some people are still playing Neeko, but her play rate is incredibly low at around 1.28%. Only the most diehard Neeko players have held onto this champion. This was something Riot highlighted when announcing the Neeko mid-scope update.

“We want to freshen up champions who aren’t living up to the expectations of the players who love them,” developer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles explained in August. “We try to strengthen their fantasy even more, rather than reinvent it.

“We saw really great responses to these projects and healthy play rate spikes after their release. We want to keep pursuing mid-scope updates, and we already have a few champions we’re exploring including Neeko.”

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While we now know that Neeko will be able to do more with her ability to turn into other champions in her midscope, we still don’t have too many details about how that’ll turn out in-game.

Is there a Neeko mid-scope update release date in League of Legends?

According to a dev blog from Riot, Neeko’s rework has been plagued by technical issues. Her kit and art assets are locked in, with the release date depending on how long it’ll take to iron out bugs related to the champion.

With mid-scopes for Rell and Ivern underway as well as a full VGU (visual/gameplay update) in progress for Skarner, it’s hard to say when Neeko will be ready to hit live servers.

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