Wild Rift exclusive skins are coming to League of Legends PC

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Wild Rift has had enough great skins come out for the game that it’s been making League of Legends players on PC desperate to get their hands on some of these cosmetics, and it’s been confirmed that Wild Rift’s skins will start getting ported over for PC players to purchase.

Since its release in 2020, Wild Rift has been bringing heat with its cosmetic offerings. League of Legends players have been jealous of the skins that come exclusively to Wild Rift for a while.

For example, Wild Rift players got a separate Star Guardian event of their own with a whole set of Star Guardian skins that were exclusive to the mobile title.

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Now it’s been confirmed that PC League of Legends players will be able to get their hands on Wild Rift’s skins, and that the skins will be getting gradually ported over starting with some of the Star Guardian skins.

Wild Rift skins will be slowly coming to League of Legends

Because Wild Rift is built on an entirely different engine from League of Legends, porting skins over is no small task. While it’s surely possible to use the same splash art, the skins would have to have their rigs, textures, and animations almost entirely re-done to fit the character models in League of Legends.

Nonetheless, Riot have confirmed that Wild Rift skins will start coming over to League of Legends. Players who wanted to get their hands on skins exclusive to Riot’s mobile title will have the opportunity soon. At least, for some of the skins.

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This was briefly covered in Riot’s dev update on League of Legends, along with a whole slew of information on upcoming mid-scope updates as well as the Skarner rework.

That said, it’s going to take a while to port skins over. Star Guardian Senna, Orianna, and Seraphine will be coming in the first batch, with Xayah and Rakan’s Redeemed Star Guardian skins following shortly after in a later batch of skin releases.

When are more skins coming to LoL PC from Wild Rift?

Star Guardian Senna, Seraphine, and Orianna will be arriving on League of Legends for PC sometime in July if all goes as planned.

No release dates have been confirmed for other Wild Rift skins, with even the second batch that includes the Xayah and Rakan’s Redeemed Star Guardian skins not having a concrete window. That said, there are plans to bring more of these skins to live servers as time goes on.

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There are still Wild Rift exclusive skins like Project Zeri getting announced, so catching up to the mobile title will surely be an uphill battle for the art team at Riot.