LoL 2024 rostermania recap: LCK & LPL roster changes

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LCK LPL rostermania 2024Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Both the LPL and LCK have locked in their teams, with almost no teams being spared from roster swaps. Catch up on the action here to see what your favorite teams will look like in 2024.

Rumors and reports of roster moves are spread out over a much longer period when it comes to Western teams and the LEC/LCS off-season; between the LPL and LCK, everything tends to happen all at once.

As a result, the free agency period opening kicked off the so-called “stove league” between regions as teams scramble to pick up the very best talent they can. Both regions have experienced a number of off-season triumphs, like KT Rolster signing big pieces of DRX’s 2022 roster and JDG holding onto Ruler despite falling short of their 2023 goals.

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What’s more, some historic players are leaving the teams that put them on the map. The combo of ShowMaker and Canyon is splitting off after they played together for years, for instance, as has been confirmed by DPlus KIA. Meiko’s also leaving EDG after having played for them since 2014 in a historic roster move.

Worlds-2020-Damwon-Showmaker-CanyonDavid Lee/Riot Games
2024 will see Canyon and ShowMaker separate after years of success together.

The off-season is officially over, and the rosters are set in stone for the Spring Split in both the LPL and LCK. Catch up on the action here:

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All LCK and LPL roster changes

LCK Teams

Team Top Jungle Mid Bot Support
T1 Zeus Oner Faker Gumayusi Keria
DRX Rascal Sponge SeTab Teddy Pleata
DPlus KIA Kingen Lucid ShowMaker Aiming Kellin
FearX Clear Willer Clozer Hena JeongHoon
Hanwha Life Esports Doran Peanut Zeka Viper Delight
KT Rolster PerfecT Pyosik Bdd Deft BeryL
Gen.G Kiin Canyon Chovy Peyz Lehends
OK BRION Morgan gideon Karis Envyy Effort
Nongshim RedForce DnDn Sylvie FIESTA Jiwoo Peter
Kwangdong Freecs DuDu Cuzz BuLLDoG Taeyoon Andil

LPL Teams

Team Top Jungle Mid Bot Support
Top Esports 369 Tian Creme JackeyLove Meiko
JD Gaming Flandre/sheer Kanavi Yagao Ruler Missing
Bilibili Gaming Bin Xun knight Elk ON/LvMao
EDward Gaming Ale/Solokill JieJie Fisher Leave Vampire
FunPlus Phoenix Xiaolaohu milkyway/moyan Care Deokdam Life
LNG Esports Zika Weiwei Scout GALA Hang/Mark
OhMyGod Cube Xiaofang Angel Able ppgod
Rare Atom Xiaoxu naiyou VicLa Assum ShiauC/Zorah
Ninjas in Pajamas shanji Aki Rookie Photic Zhou
Thunder Talk HOYA Beichuan ucal 1xn Feather/QiuQiu/yaoyao
Anyone’s Legend Hery Croco Shanks Hope Kael
Invictus Gaming YSKM Tianzhen Cryin Ahn Wink
LGD Gaming TBD Meteor haichao Kepler Jinjiao
Weibo Gaming Zdz Xiaohao Xiaohu Light Crisp
Ultra Prime Decade H4cker Yuekai Doggo Jwei
Team WE Wayward Heng Shanks Prince Iwandy
RNG Breathe Wei Tangyuan Lwx Ming


LCK & LPL roster changes and rumors tracker

December 20

  • Leave rejoins EDG’s main roster following Uzi’s exit along with Vampire from their LDL roster. Solokill also shares a top lane spot with Ale on the team.

December 15

  • Liiv SANDBOX rebrands to FearX.

December 14

  • shanji, aki, and Rookie join Ninjas in Pyjamas.
  • Ultra Prime picks up Decade, and H4cker rejoins the team.

December 13

  • Invincible, shad0w and Angel depart Ninjas in Pyjamas.
  • Angel heads to OhMyGod.
  • Kepler joins LGD.

December 12

  • Hery, Croco, and Kael confirmed for Anyone’s Legend, completing their roster.
  • Meiko officially leaves EDG after almost a decade with the organization to join Top Esports. Only Jiejie remains from EDG’s Worlds-winning roster in 2021.
  • Weiwei and Mark join LNG, with Scout and GALA’s contracts getting extended.
  • Feather also joins Thunder Talk, giving the team 3 different support players on their roster.
  • Dream departs Ultra Prime, leaving Doggo and zs as the only signed players with the team.
  • Zdz announced as TheShy’s replacement.
  • Xiaohao joins Weibo Gaming to replace Weiwei.

December 11

  • knight joins BLG, making it clear him and Yagao were essentially traded.
  • FoFo leaves EDG and joins Team WE. It’s yet unclear if Fisher will fill in as their starting mid, or if they’ll sign a new mid laner.
  • Prince also joins Team WE after a tumultuous year in the LCS with FlyQuest.
  • Wayward departs Top Esports and joins Team WE.
  • Lwx joins RNG, with LP moving to substitute.
  • Ming re-joins RNG to join Lwx in bot lane.
  • Tarzan leaves LNG.
  • huanfeng officially leaves Thunder Talk as QiuQiu joins from FPX.
  • TheShy departs Weibo Gaming despite a strong showing in 2023 with his destination unknown.

December 9

  • Shanks departs Team WE after 4 years with the org to join Anyone’s Legend.
  • Hope also departs WE to join AL.

December 8

  • Decade and Lpc leave LGD.

December 7

  • Yagao departs Bilibili Gaming despite a strong run with the team in 2023 to rejoin JDG.
  • sheer moves up to JDG’s LPL roster alongside Flandre. It’s yet unclear who will be starting for the team.
  • Hery, Ning, and SwordArt depart Ultra Prime.
  • DRX solidifies their roster: Juhan leaves, making Sponge their starting jungler. Teddy joins to replace Paduck as he returns to their Challengers team, and SeTab becomes the starting mid with kyeahoo heading to the Challengers team.
  • Fearness departs LGD.

December 6

  • Lwx leaves FPX after 6 years with the team.
  • Flandre ends his year-long hiatus to join JDG.

December 5

  • Cuzz joins Kwangdong Freecs

December 2

  • Creme leaves OMG.
  • Karsa leaves Weibo Gaming.

December 1

  • PerfecT moves up to KT Rolster’s LCK team from their Challengers roster.

November 30

  • Effort joins OK BRION.

November 29

  • Gen.G confirm the signing of Kiin, Canyon, Chovy, and Lehends.
  • Hanwha Life Esports confirms 2024 roster with an 8-man roster consisting of DanDy, Doran, Peanut, Zeka, Viper, Delight, Mowgli and Bibra.
  • BeryL joins KT Rolster.

November 28

  • H4cker and QiuQiu leave FPX.

November 24

November 23

  • Gen.G’s new roster reported by as Kiin, Canyon, Chovy, Peyz, and Lehends.
  • DPlus KIA announce that they’re signing Kingen and Aiming, keeping Kellin and ShowMaker, and that they’re bringing up Lucid from their Challengers roster to form a complete team.
  • Hena and JeongHoon both sign with Liiv SANDBOX to fill out their bot lane.
  • Nongshim RedForce confirm FIESTA and DnDn will be staying with the team in 2024.

November 22

November 21

November 20

November 19

  • jojopyun was in talks with Liiv Sandbox to join the LCK according to a report from Sheep Esports, though he ultimately decided to stick with C9. As a result, their mid laner is still up in the air.
  • Rumored Top Esports roster will be Shanji, Tian, Creme, JackeyLove, and Ming according to IWDominate. Rookie and Wayward’s destinations are yet unknown if this rumor comes to fruition.

November 12

  • Following JDG’s Semifinal loss at the hand of T1, head coach Homme revealed he’d be taking a break next year and stepping down from his head coach role effective immediately.

November 3

October 25

October 16

September 25

  • Mole parts ways with Rare Atom.

September 12

  • Feather departs Rare Atom.

August 15

  • Leyan leaves Rare Atom.

June 21

  • beishang leaves Invictus Gaming a short time after they missed LPL Playoffs.

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