League players slam “pathetic” Arcane-inspired Firelight Ekko skin

league of legends lol firelight ekko skin based on arcaneRiot Games

League of Legends’ Arcane skins have been a hit so far with players, but the price of Firelight Ekko has left LoL fans feeling a little frosty. 

League of Legends has grown exponentially in the wake of Riot Games’ LoL-inspired Netflix series, Arcane, which was quickly renewed for a second season following its success.

With the main protagonist turned antagonist, Jinx, dropping into the likes of PUBG and Fortnite, Riot’s MOBA also saw the release of Arcane-inspired skins for Jinx, Vi, Jayce and Caitlin. Obtainable by playing and winning games, players didn’t have to fork out on RP to snag these limited-time goodies.

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As the show continues to dominate headlines everywhere, fans were quick to call for Ekko to receive an Arcane-style skin. Riot have delivered in the form of Firelight Ekko, but some players aren’t particularly impressed by the cosmetic’s price point.

league of legends lol arcane ekkoNetflix: Arcane
Despite playing a more supportive role, fans immediately fell in love with the boy who shattered time.

League fans slam Arcane-inspired Firelight Ekko price

Despite the initial excitement over the Firelight skin, LoL players have been quick to criticize the fact they have to fork out 1350 RP for a skin they deem as not having “full value.”

“Firelight Ekko needs new SFX to be a 1350 RP skin,” reads one post. “Great visual effects. However, there are no new sound effects on his basic attacks or abilities.”

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“Based on our current guidelines and precedents on skin prices, this skin should have new SFX added (which I think Ekko mains would appreciate),” they continue. “Or it should simply be a 975 RP skin.”

Slamming the devs for “trying to see how much value they can pull out of their systems and still charge us full price,” they conclude that they “do not think it is an acceptable precedent for Riot to charge ‘full price’ (i.e. 1350 RP) for a skin that does not have full value.”

Having garnered over 8,000 upvotes at the time of writing, it’s clear fans are very much in agreement. “They really trying to lower skin quality when prices are increasing… how pathetic is that,” writes one.

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Another player suggests that Ekko could wear the iconic owl-inspired mask seen in the show, with players having the ability to toggle it on and off just like with Kai’sa. “No Mask toggle and 1350? Really disappointing, pass.”

Whether Riot respond to the feedback and add custom animations to the skin remains to be seen, especially considering they have done so in the past with the SKT skins the post mentions.