League of Legends x PUBG crossover: Arcane teaser revealed

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League of Legends PUBG

League of Legends is set to debut the animated show Arcane on November 6, but an unexpected collaboration with PUBG could be on the cards following the release of a cryptic post.

It’s a truly great time to be a League of Legends fan, as a heap of fresh content is emerging into the community. To celebrate the release of the upcoming Netflix animated show Arcane, Riot Games are pushing the boat when it comes to collaborations.

They’re linking up with Epic Games’ iconic Fortnite battle royale, tossing over some LoL-themed content that is sure to be a hit.

However, it looks like the notion of battle royale crossovers won’t stop with Fortnite, as PUBG could be next in line for a collaboration that some may have believed was unlikely.

League of Legends Arcane anime Vi glares into camera
The first episode of Arcane will be released on November 6.

Is League of Legends heading to PUBG?

The unexpected crossover with PUBG was first teased in a post from the battle royale devs on October 31 as they tweeted out a cryptic image. “Our world will be invaded, but by who or what?” they said.

It didn’t take long for players to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together, figuring out that it was League of Legends characters towering over the battle royale’s map.

Pointed out by many eagle-eyed League of Legends fans, Twitter user @baephine in particular made the link with simple detective work. Noticing the clear similarities of the silhouetted figures to Arcane characters, the excited fan exclaimed: “PUBG X LEAGUE COME ON NOW!!”

PUBG x League of Legends event start date

Another user by the name of @PlayerIGN specifically name-dropped the supposed characters, in speculation: “With characters from the Arcane movie– Jinx (Powder), Vi, Caitlyn, Jayce.” Despite the initial excitement of this tease, some players aren’t entirely convinced when it comes to this crossover event: “Oh great, this is what the league of legends fanbase needs. PubG and Fortnite Player.”

It’s currently unclear just how this apparent crossover will work, but some players have suggested that the LoL theme will descend on PUBG in the form of character and weapon cosmetics.

As for a release date, that is also unknown but with Arcane releasing on November 6, it shouldn’t be too far away.

Once more details are revealed, we’ll update this post, so be sure to keep checking back.

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