League of Legends Into The Arcane event: skins, missions, rewards

League of Legends arcane promo art with vi jinx jayce viktorRiot Games / Netflix

With the League of Legends TV show, Arcane, hitting screens around the world, Riot is putting on an event in-game to celebrate. The Into The Arcane event will offer players four skins, as well as a host of other rewards by completing some simple missions.

The hype around League of Legends’ Arcane is real.

The TV show, which airs on Netflix starting November 6, tells the story of sisters Jinx and Vi, set in the rapidly-developing world of Piltover and Zaun.

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As part of the show’s launch, Riot are putting on a League of Legends in-game event. Named Into The Arcane, players can unlock skins based on the show’s main characters ⁠— as well as other rewards ⁠— by completing some simple missions.

The fallout between sisters Jinx and Vi will be the main story in Arcane.Riot Games
Get ready for Arcane with a new event in League of Legends.

League of Legends Arcane skins

To celebrate the release of the League of Legends TV show Arcane, Riot have designed four skins for main characters Caitlyn, Jayce, Jinx, and Vi.

They’re all loosely based around their regular looks, but with a few tweaks to fit their designs in the story. For example, Caitlyn has lost her top hat, and wields a modified version of her iconic sniper rifle.

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League of Legends Into The Arcane missions

The Arcane missions are super simple. All you have to do is play a game (or three) of League of Legends to unlock each skin. If you don’t own the champion, you’ll also unlock them too.

They start on different dates, but they all finish at the same time ⁠— December 9 at 1pm PT. Be sure to log on and play before then to unlock all the skins!

Name Mission Reward Start Date
Arcane Jayce Win 1 game, or play 3 games Jayce Champion Permanent and Arcane Jayce Skin November 8
Arcane Vi Win 1 game, or play 3 games Vi Champion Permanent and Arcane Vi Skin November 15
Arcane Caitlyn Win 1 game, or play 3 games Caitlyn Champion Permanent and Arcane Caitlyn Skin November 22
Arcane Jinx Win 1 game, or play 3 games Jinx Champion Permanent and Arcane Jinx Skin November 24

League of Legends Into The Arcane rewards

There’s no rewards shop for Into The Arcane, unlike other League of Legends events. However, you can earn more than just the four champions and their skins.

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Arcane Capsules will be available for purchase, setting you back 750 RP. They contain three random skin shards, as well as a high chance of Gemstone and Mythic Skin Permanent drops.

Each champion is also receiving a bundle in the shop, with all their skins available at a discount along with an exclusive Arcane Summoner Icon. These will vary in price depending on the amount of skins in each bundle.

Arcane Vi crossover League of Legends skin.Riot Games
If you want to get plenty of League of Legends skins for cheap, champion bundles will be available for Arcane cast members during the Into The Arcane event.

League of Legends Into The Arcane release date

The League of Legends Into The Arcane event kicks off on November 4 at 1pm PT, and will run until December 9.

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The show’s first three episodes will air on Netflix come November 6, with plenty more rewards available for watching along on Twitch.

There’s also Arcane crossovers for Valorant, Fortnite, PUBG, and more ⁠— so if you’re into more than just League of Legends, be sure to reap all the rewards.