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League patch 11.1 to feature Gnar & Pantheon changes, Season 11 launch

Published: 31/Dec/2020 3:41 Updated: 31/Dec/2020 3:42

by Andrew Amos


League of Legends patch 11.1 is due to launch on January 6, and it’s going to be huge. Season 11 will be kicking off, with the final set of tuning to the item rework launching, as well as major balance changes to Gnar, Pantheon, and more ahead of the ranked restart.

League of Legends Season 11 is undoubtedly going to be the biggest shakeup in the game’s history. Pre-season has already told us that with the item rework completing changing not just a few champions, but all 153 of them.

Now, with Season 11 kicking off on patch 11.1, everyone’s practice is going to be put to the test. The ranked season is starting, and it’s not without its fair share of balance changes to some champions and the new items as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Eclipse has turned AD carries -- assassins and marksman -- into deadly burst champions.
Riot Games
Pantheon is getting nerfed yet again on League patch 11.1.

Big Gnar buffs, more Pantheon changes on League patch 11.1

With League patch 10.25b out now, there’s no more changes expected for 2020. The first patch of 2021 is set to include some big updates for Gnar, Pantheon, and more though.

The former hasn’t been changed in a while, and is in dire need of a buff after the Season 11 item rework. Riot are heeding the call, massively buffing his mega form, while also adding some nice changes to his mini form too.

Pantheon, on the other hand, is getting more nerfs after his patch 10.25 decimation. While support Pantheon is dead, like Riot wanted, top lane has landed a bit too strong, so they’re nerfing his sustain.

That’s not the biggest change though. Almost every champion in the game is getting a change to their base stats. It’s part of Riot’s standardization of armor, magic resist, AD, and more. These changes are insignificant, but it should clear up any discrepancies in the future.

Master Yi and Fiddlesticks are also both set to get nerfs, while Ryze, Qiyana, Xayah, and Karma are on the buffs list.

Gnar in League of Legends
Riot Games
Gnar mains rejoice – he’s getting buffed in Season 11.

Item power shifting from burst damage to sustained stats

There’s been one major complaint with the League Season 11 items so far ⁠— they’re a bit too bursty. Every item has some sort of assassin-esque power up, turning any champion into a burst mage, bruiser, assassin, or marksman. Even supports can buy Eclipse.

Riot has noted this backloaded power on the actives of most items, and are looking at shifting them to more sustained stats to help champions scale based on their abilities, not on their builds.

Duskblade of Draktharr, Prowler’s Claw, Hextech Rocketbelt, Night Harvester, Trinity Force, Goredrinker, and Stridebreaker are all being targeted with this update.

You can find the full list of changes for League patch 11.1 below, courtesy of developer Mark Yetter. We will update these right until January 6, 2021, when the update is meant to go live.

League of Legends patch 11.1 early notes



  • W cooldown: 9-7 > 10-8


  • Mega Q damage: 5-165 > 25-205
  • Mega Q slow: 15-35% > 30-50%
  • Mega E dash range: 600 > 675
  • Mini E attack speed duration: 4 seconds > 6 seconds


  • E base shield: 80-200 > 8-240

Master Yi

  • Q cooldown: 18-14 > 18-16


  • Health regen: 10 > 9
  • W empowered AD scaling: 135-165% > 120-165%


  • Health regen: 8.5 > 9
  • Health regen per level: 0.65 > 0.9
  • Base AD: 64 > 66


  • Q mana cost: 40 > 40-32


  • E cooldown: 12-8 > 10-8
  • E mana cost: 40 > 30


  • Passive crit bonus: 100% > 150%
  • Passive crit converstion: 1% crit = 0.5 AD > 1% crit = 0.4 AD
  • AD per level: 3.2 > 2.2


  • Passive crit bonus: 100% > 150%
  • Passive crit converstion: 1% crit = 0.5 AD > 1% crit = 0.4 AD
  • AD per level: 3 > 2


Archangel’s Staff

  • Recipe changed: [Tear of the Goddess + Needlessly Large Rod + Amplifying Tomb + 930g]
  • Ability power increased from 60 to 65.

Duskblade of Draktharr

  • AD increased from 55 to 60
  • Nightstalker passive damage changed from [100 +30% bonus AD] to [65 +25% bonus AD]


  • Thirsting Slash passive damage lowered from 110% AD to 100% AD
  • Health restore increased from [20% AD + 12% missing health] to [25% AD +12% missing health]
  • “Thirsting Slash heal is now calculated sequentially for each champion hit, meaning there are diminishing returns on hitting multiple champions as the missing health contribution is decreased by the previous heal.”

Hextech Rocketbelt

  • AP increased from 80 to 90
  • Health increased from 250 to 350
  • Supersonic active damage changed from [175-250 based on level] to [125]

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

  • Summoner Spell haste increased from 10% to 12%

Luden’s Tempest

  • AP increased from 80 to 90


  • Recipe changed to [Tear of the Goddess + Caulfield’s Warhammer + Long Sword + 1050g]
  • Total cost increased from 2600 to 2900
  • Awe passive bonus AD increased from 2% max mana to 2.5% max mana


  • Awe passive bonus AD increased from 2% max mana to 2.5% max mana
  • Shock passive on-hit damage lowered from 4% max mana as physical damage to 2.5% max mana as physical damage

Night Harvester

  • AP increased from 80 to 90
  • Health increased from 250 to 300
  • Soulrend passive damage changed from [125-200 based on level] to [125]

Prowler’s Claw

  • Ability Haste increased from 10 to 20
  • Sandswipe passive damage changed from [100 +30% bonus AD] to [65 +25% bonus AD]

Runaan’s Hurricane

  • Recipe changed: [Dagger + Dagger + Zeal + 850g]
  • Total cost lowered from 3400 to 2500
  • [Removed] No longer gives AD

Seraph’s Embrace

  • Ability power increased from 60 to 65.

Shurelya’s Battlesong

  • Active movement speed increased from 40% to 60%


  • AD lowered from 50 to 45
  • Ability haste increased from 10 to 20
  • Halting Slash active damage lowered from 110% AD to 100% AD

Trinity Force

  • AD lowered from 35 to 25
  • Ability haste increased from 10 to 20


Ultimate Hunter (Domination)

  • Effect changed: “Your ultimate gains 6 Ability Haste, plus an additional 5 Ability Haste per Bounty Hunter stack. Bounty Hunter stacks are earned the first time you get a takedown on each enemy champion.”

Cosmic Insight (Inspiration)

  • Summoner Spell haste increased from 15 to 18

Sailor Moon x Disney crossover Overwatch skin is the perfect fit for Mercy

Published: 16/Jan/2021 0:45

by Bill Cooney


One dedicated Overwatch fan and Mercy stan has come up with an awesomely creative skin design for the hero that mixes Sailor Moon and the Disney classic Snow White all into one.

Concepts for fairytale skins have been a favorite of Overwatch players almost since the game was introduced. While there are even a few oficial ones in Overwatch now (like Red Riding Hood Ashe and Dragon Mercy), there’s no way Blizzard would be able to keep up with all the ideas floating around out there.

That hasn’t stopped the artistically talented fans among us from adding on to that pile though, and one of the best we’ve seen lately is from artist u/aerisycloud. Their creation combines not not only Disney’s Snow White, but also everyone’s favorite Guardian of Earth, Sailor Moon, into a Mercy skin that fits the hero just perfectly.

Mercy Snow White skin concept
A skin that might even give Mercy’s pink skin a run for its money in popularity.

This skin would be one of the few that recasts Mercy as a brunette, obviously a nod to Snow White. The colors and materials are also reminiscent of the fairy tale, but the cut and boots are practically common-issue for the Sailor Scouts.

Her Cadecus Pistol and Staff, along with her wings, are now solid gold (whether this is with or without 3000 CP is unknown), which would also pass in an instant for accessories that Sailor Moon would rock.

We love seeing these kinds of skin concepts, especially ones as cool as this, but it can be easy to forget how much time and effort goes into each one. To show us how much work it took, along with the finished product, aerisycloud also posted a time-lapse of their creation – which is worth watching in its own right.

My Mercy skin idea: Snow White x Sailor Moon from Overwatch

If this skin were to be made, it’d also be neat to see a Torbjorn skin featuring him as one of the Seven Dwarfs (Grumpy, preferably), and a voice clip along the lines of “Moon healing… escalation!” as a nod towards the anime.

As far as actual in-game skins go, you can currently unlock the new Kyogisha Hanzo skin until January 25, and the 2021 Lunar New Year event — which brings a ton of new skins with it — should get going shortly after that wraps up.