Riot reveals massive Rengar update for League Season 12

rengarRiot Games

Rengar has been one of the worst League of Legends champions since the Season 12 patch dropped, so Riot Games is trying to breathe life back into The Pridestalker by buffing his ultimate ability Thrill of the Hunt. 

Rengar players have been begging for buffs since the item changes and new dragons introduced for Season 12 nerfed him quite hard.

Having been hit in both his main roles of Top and Jungle, Riot recognized that they needed to give Rengar some power back as his win rate slipped to below 45%.

Now, Riot has announced new changes involving how Rengar’s ultimate works.

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Rengar mini-rework LoL Season 11Riot Games
Riot is planning on even more changes for Rengar.

Rengar’s new Ultimate passive

Riot has decided to grant Rengar a new passive on his ultimate Thrill of the Hunt, unlocked at level six.

The changes read, “Passive: Rengar will also leap when Camouflaged.” League of Legends game designer Phlox called it, “A sweet change that should make chem map not feel bad for Rengar! The other stuff is still in the works dw.”

Starting at level six Rengar will now be able to leap as long as he is camouflaged. This change alleviates the weakness he’s had on the Chemtech dragon map, which removes brushes in the jungle in favor of camouflage zones.

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The cat will now have some new interactions available to him on Summoner’s Rift, like the ability to leap out of Senna’s camo provided during Curse of the Black Mist.

With Phlox guaranteeing Rengar players that even more changes are on the way, the assassin should be a force to be reckoned with soon enough.