League of Legends patch 14.1B notes: Fizz, AP top Laners and item nerfs

Declan Mclaughlin
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League of Legends patch 14.1 dropped just two days ago but Riot Games has already seen some things that need to be adjusted and has implemented a B patch to introduce changes.

The 2024 League of Legends season started on January 10 as gamers downloaded patch 14.1. The new season saw big updates to Summer’s Rift, the item system, and a host of neutral monster changes.

Like any big game overhaul, some changes were more extreme than others on release. In the case of patch 14.1, players showcased the new power of AP top laners, Singed, Fizz, and some of the new items.

Here are the full patch notes for League of Legends patch 14.1B.

When does LoL Patch 14.1B go live?

The patch was slated to go live on January 12, 2024, according to League’s Lead Gameplay Designer, Matt Leung-Harrison. He said the adjustments would arrive about 18 hours after he posted the list of changes to social media.

Here is that approximate time based on your server:

  • 2 PM PT (North America)
  • 10 PM GMT (Europe)
  • 7 AM KST (Korea)

What’s changing in LoL patch 14.1B?

Leung-Harrison said the big thing the studio is aiming to change is snowballing. Riot isn’t looking to take drastic action over the mechanic yet, but is looking toward general nerfs because of the high rate of it.

Champion nerfs

The actual numbers behind the nerfs have yet to be revealed, but the developers intend to nerf Fizz, Gwen, Kayle, Singed, and Temo. These champions, along with strong AP laners like Morde, LeBlanc, and Rumble, have all been the beneficiaries of item changes and need to be knocked down a peg.

Lethality changes have also buffed some champions, and none more so than Aphelios, so he will also be hit with some nerfs this patch.

Champions buffs

While it does seem like every champion is powerful in the new season, some members of the cast do need a lift-up in Riot’s eyes. The developer said that it is looking to improve the power of Corki, Ezreal, Naafiri, Zac, and Zed.

Naafiri and Zed have both been impacted by the change to the Hydra items and are being buffed to make their gameplay feel a little stronger. Zac lost one of his better items with the removal of Radiant Virtue, so he is receiving a few biffs to bring him back to the level of other tanks.

Item changes

Certain items have already started to run rampant just hours into the start of the season, and Riot aims to tamper them down. Items on the nerf list include Collector, Hextech Rocketbelt, Stormsurge, Titanic Hydra, and Trailblazer.

In addition, the developer is buffing items that have not lived up to the hype around the 2024 system changes, namely Profane and Ravenous Hydra. Other items getting buffed include Essence Reaver, Heartsteel, Hubris, Stridebreaker, and Tiamat.

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