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League of Legends leak reveals Samira as next Season 10 champion

Published: 28/Jul/2020 2:38

by Andrew Amos


Lillia came out on Patch 10.15. Yone is coming on Patch 10.16. Could we be getting Champion 151 as soon as Patch 10.17? League players are getting their hopes up, after a PBE leak revealed the first details about the game’s next character, Samira.

League players have been treated to champion release after champion release over the last few weeks. It’s like Season 2 all over again ⁠— new characters coming out every two weeks.

Riot doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon though. Although players have just gotten their hands on Lillia in Patch 10.15, and Yone is coming next week in Patch 10.16, a new champion could be coming as soon as Patch 10.17.

Yone in League of Legends
Riot Games
Yone isn’t even out in League and we’re already getting teasers for the next champion, Samira.

While we don’t know what they look like, or exactly what they’ll do, we do know their name. Their name is Samira, and she’s going to be Runeterra’s newest marksman, sometime soon in Season 10.

The leaks come in the way of little teasers on the Patch 10.16 PBE cycle. A new emote called Style: Rank S was added to the test server, along with a number of “easter egg” files in the same style. All these files reference Samira.

The easter egg teases a few common themes we should expect when Samira is actually released. First of all, there’s files for roses and rose petals. The rose also lights up in a crimson red in the new emote.

Samira was initially teased in the June 2020 Champion Roadmap as a “new marksman, dressed to slay,” hailing from Noxus.

“Do you like to laugh in the face of danger? Do you enjoy stringing together abilities, creating stylish new combos? Does the idea of diving straight into the fray, firing a whirlwind of blades and bullets, then hopping back out with a sliver of health excite you,” asked lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mirales in the last roadmap.

While Marksman champions are known for having to play far back in the teamfight, Samira sounds like she will play out more like an assassin. Riot have been testing champion hybrids lately, releasing interesting fusions like Senna ⁠— the marksman-support ⁠— earlier in 2020.

These easter eggs leaks are only a taste of what’s to come. If Samira is coming out on Patch 10.17, we will see some more files pop up on the PBE before Patch 10.16 goes live on August 5. Else, she could be coming in a few more weeks down the line in September.

Of course, before Samira, there’s still Yone. League’s 150th champion is coming out in the next update. Yasuo’s brother is back from the dead, and the Ionian duelist is ready to rain havoc on Summoner’s Rift. If you haven’t caught a glimpse of him yet, we’ve got everything you need to know about Yone here.

League of Legends

Riot “very open” to releasing Wild Rift champions that aren’t in League of Legends

Published: 6/Jan/2021 7:45

by Andrew Amos


Wild Rift is currently host to over 50 League of Legends champions. Riot’s mobile MOBA clone of their hit PC title is slowly filling out its catalogue with old favorites, but exclusive champions to Wild Rift itself could be on the way with the developers being “very open” to the idea.

League of Legends: Wild Rift has hit it off in the mobile market in South East Asia, Europe, and beyond.

While it hasn’t hit American shores yet, the game has already peaked at number one on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, with over 10 million downloads on the latter alone. The U.S. and Latin America release, penned for later in 2021, could see it spike again.

It’s basically just League of Legends on mobile for now ⁠— with a limited selection of champions and different gameplay mechanics to make it friendly for new players. However, there’s a chance that Wild Rift could deviate drastically from its predecessor.

Seraphine in League of Legends
Riot Games
League’s diverse cast is making their way into Wild Rift, but Riot aren’t afraid of experimenting outside of the traditional universe.

Much like how Legends of Runeterra has deviated from the set of 153 champions currently in League of Legends, as well as Valorant being spawned in an entirely different universe, Riot are making sure Wild Rift can stand alone ⁠— not in the shadow of League of Legends.

One way of doing that is with exclusive champion releases and events. They’ve already fulfilled the latter through in-game promotions like Noxian Brotherhood. However, they’re working on the former, bringing unique experiences to Wild Rift.

“We’re very open to releasing new exclusive Wild Rift champions. It is something that has always been on the table,” lead developer Brian ‘FeralPony’ Feeney said in an interview with Areajugones.

“There’s a lot to the world of Runeterra, it’s not just the champions you see on PC. There are different places, stories to tell, there are many characters almost anywhere that the [League of Legends] universe could expand with.”

Riot Games
Wild Rift is a clean slate for Riot to build off and bring innovation to the MOBA genre.

However, there’s a catch. Riot want to release more of the old favorites before they look towards developing entirely new champions exclusive to Wild Rift.

“The little trick here is that we know we don’t have enough League of Legends champions right now so our first priority is to make sure we offer a lot of champions that we think are missing ⁠— in particular those that cover certain styles of play,” he added.

They’re not slacking through the 100-odd backlog either. Riot have just dropped five new champions in patch 2.0, and are looking at keeping them coming throughout the beta. There’s a sense of urgency, but not a rush to try and fill out the roster.

“It’s not going to be as fast as a champion per week because that would be crazy. It’s not going to be the cadence of a champion every few months either. We are a bit in the middle there.

“Our plan is to release champions for years and years and years so in a sense we want to release more champions but on the other hand we have a lot of time.”