League of Legends Hextech Mayhem: Release date, platforms, gameplay

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League of Legends Hextech Mayhem is Riot Forge’s way of celebrating the release of LoL’s Netflix show, Arcane, so here are all the details on its release date, platforms and more. 

As Riot Games’ League of Legends-inspired Netflix show, Arcane, continues to impress, the team at Riot Forge have created Hextech Mayhem to further broaden the world of Runeterra.

Focusing in on the adorable yet deadly Ziggs, players will be able to explore the winding streets of posh Piltover like never before.

Looking to get your hands on Riot’s new rhythm runner? Here’s everything you need to know about League of Legends: Hextech Mayhem, including its release date and current platforms.


League of Legends Hextech Mayhem rhythm runner game
Get ready to cause some musical chaos with Ziggs and Heimerdinger!

League of Legends Hextech Mayhem release date

This musical take on the iconic LoL franchise will release on 16 November. 

Further details about the toe-tapping adventure will also be revealed during Riot Forge’s video showcase at 8AM PST / 11 AM EST / 4PM GMT / 5PM CEST, also taking place on 16 November.

League of Legends Hextech Mayhem platforms

The title will be exploding onto Switch and PC, with players using the latter being able to scoop it up from Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG.com. The title is currently available for preorder on every platform, with a limited edition Ziggs skin up for grabs.

It will also be releasing on Netflix’s mobile app, however no date has been set for that just yet, so be sure to check back when we know more.

League of Legends Hextech Mayhem piltover ziggs level
Can you feel the beat? Ziggs sure can!

Hextech Mayhem trailer

If you’re looking to get a little bit of insight into the mischievous mind of this cheeky little Yordle, then look no further than the game’s trailer. Showing off the game’s 2D style, Ziggs sets off on his journey to cause chaos while Heimerdinger devises some dastardly schemes to bring the fun to an end.


What is a rhythm runner game?

While rhythm titles are hardly a new concept, we’ve never seen anything quite like Hextech Mayhem.

Players will have to guide Ziggs through a 2D space, where you’ll need to time your jumps to hit floating shapes. These act as beats, which come together to form the title’s soundtrack. As you explore Piltover, levels will change and you’ll be introduced to some head-nodding new tunes.

That’s not all, however, as players will be tasked with taking down some of Heimerdinger’s monstrous creations using their newfound musical talents.

So that’s it for League of Legends Hextech Mayhem! Looking for all of the latest LoL news? Be sure to check out our dedicated main page.

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